Periodontal center Amel Perio

Periodontal center Amel Perio

Amel Perio is a periodontal center in Dnipro, which provides a full range of services for the treatment of such an unpleasant and dangerous oral disease as periodontitis. Among the services are gum treatment, strengthening and restoration of teeth, curettage and other medical measures.

When is it necessary to contact the Amel Perio clinic

There are several symptoms in which it is necessary to contact the Amel Perio Perio Center for qualified assistance and treatment of periodontitis from a specialized doctor.

Symptoms of the disease include:

  • Bad breath.
  • Unpleasant sensations in the gums, including pain, which do not have a pronounced center.
  • Changes in the color of the gums, their redness. It is accompanied by increased sensitivity of the gums and teeth to temperature and pressure. In some cases, the gum moves away from the tooth, exposing its neck.
  • The appearance of tooth mobility, the formation of an increased distance between the teeth.

At the first visit to the clinic, the periodontist dentist determines the degree of damage to the oral cavity, prescribes additional examinations, if necessary, informs the patient about the treatment procedures and their cost.

Periodontal treatment at the Amel Perio center

It is worth noting that the treatment of the disease depends on the degree of damage and the individual characteristics of the patient. In some cases, there are contraindications and limitations in treatment. For example, if the patient has chronic diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, or pregnancy at some time.

The main stages of gum treatment by a periodontist at Amel Perio are as follows:

  • At the first stage, a comprehensive, professional teeth cleaning is carried out. Dental plaque is removed, especially where the gums come into contact with the teeth.
  • Treatment of gums with medicines to prevent inflammation.
  • In the case of an advanced disease, surgical treatment is performed, which includes curettage, flap surgery and other methods of surgical intervention, up to bone tissue transplantation into the affected areas.

It is important to go to the clinic when the first symptoms of the disease appear, since the prices for periodontics depend on the complexity of the treatment.

Benefits of the Amel Perio Center

At the Amel Perio periodontal center, only modern methods of periodontal treatment are used, which are used to completely eliminate the causes and symptoms of the disease. For example, in complex cases of periodontitis, the most effective method of treatment is used – plasma therapy.

For examination and treatment, unique equipment is used that allows you to determine the degree of damage to the gums and teeth, draw up a map of the disease and prescribe the correct treatment. For example, teeth cleaning is performed using ultrasound, laser and the Air-Flow method, which minimizes damage to tooth enamel and accelerates the recovery process after cleaning.

An individual approach to patients is applied, procedures are available for both adults and children.

An important component of the preventive part of the treatment, which is provided by a periodontist in Dnipro, is a recommendation to maintain oral hygiene at home, and self-cleaning of teeth.

At the Amel Perio center, patients receive complete information about the procedures that must be carried out on their own, both during the treatment period and after its completion. Following the doctor’s instructions is the key to quality treatment of periodontitis and prevention of recurrence of the disease.

Price: Periodontal center Amel Perio

Professional oral hygiene1 500 UAH
Chemical whitening3 500 UAH
Whitening with Sirolazer laser5 000 UAH
Whitening with Sirolazer laser
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