Removable prosthetics

Removable prosthetics

Removable dentures are a cheap alternative to implantation. The doctor recommends a removable denture only if the dentition is edentulous. It is generally accepted that total prosthetics is a problem for elderly people. However, in dental practice, it is not uncommon for young people to have a removable denture as the only available option to replace missing teeth.

In addition to the loss of teeth due to natural age reasons, indications for prosthetics with removable orthoconstructions are:

  • loss of teeth due to injury;
  • the absence of several adjacent teeth, when it is impossible to install a fixed prosthesis or there are contraindications to its installation (for example, with advanced periodontitis).

Removable dentures are good in that they quickly recreate and correctly distribute the chewing load, are used for both partial and complete adentia, are convenient in design and give patients the opportunity to smile openly.

Removable dental prosthetics is one of the main areas of work of the Amel Dental Clinic. Whatever the cause of tooth loss, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon can help you fix the problem.

What are removable dentures?

One of the criteria for choosing a prosthetics technique is the number of missing teeth.

The following types of prostheses are installed in Amel Dental Clinic dentistry:

  • Completely removable. They are used when there is not a single tooth on the upper or lower jaw, that is, there is no support for fixing the orthopedic structure. In removable dentures, various alternative attachment methods are used: glue, suction cups. In the case of telescopic prosthetics, the prosthesis is attached to the supporting crowns with hooks (clasps).
  • Partially removable. These are products that are fixed on the preserved teeth of the jaw with the help of attachments or clasps. Designed to replace several teeth in the dentition.
  • Conditionally removable. They are intended for prosthetics of one tooth. The crown is fixed with cement. Only a dentist can remove a denture using an appropriate dental instrument.

Modern removable dentures: types and characteristics

New technologies made it possible to carry out removable dental prosthetics using different materials and to manufacture orthopedic prostheses of various designs. Amel Dental Clinic is a modern dentistry clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), where a certified orthopedic surgeon performs prosthetics of any complexity.

Depending on the number of remaining teeth, the degree of atrophy of the jaw bone tissue, the state of the periodontium, the patient can be offered one of the following options for a removable denture:


The product has the shape of an arch (in German Bügel, hence the name of the prosthesis), consists of a metal-ceramic arch and crowns located on it. This design is used for partial prosthetics most often in the absence of chewing teeth (the bridge arch is attached to healthy teeth using attachments or clasps), as well as in total prosthetics (to fix the prosthesis in this case, the doctor initially installs telescopic crowns on implants). In the manufacture of the prosthesis, cermets are used.


  • service life from 5 to 10 years;
  • reliability and lightness of construction;
  • strength of materials;
  • comfortable wearing – clasp dentures without a palate, which in many patients provokes a gag reflex, it is convenient to talk to them, to eat;
  • aesthetics


  • in case of partial prosthetics, the teeth adjacent to the prosthesis must be ground;
  • possible allergy to the metal of the mountings;
  • the prosthesis must be removed when undergoing diagnostic procedures; it cannot be worn around the clock.

Soft (nylon)

Removable dentures on a rigid plastic base are still used in dentistry, which rub and injure the gums. Amel Dental Clinic uses soft plastic material in the manufacture of prostheses, which ideally fits the gums, does not press, does not cause painful sensations.

This type of prosthetics is suitable for single and full prosthetics. The product has two main parts: imitation gums, imitation teeth. When a flexible full denture is installed on the upper jaw, its attachment occurs naturally by vacuum suction. When installed on the lower jaw (with total edentulousness), in addition to the suction cup, glue is used to securely fix the structure.

Advantages of flexible nylon prostheses:

  • the most aesthetic removable denture for anterior teeth;
  • suitable for installation on one, two teeth and the entire dentition;
  • do not cause allergies, irritation;
  • comfortable to wear;
  • can be worn around the clock (do not take off before bed);
  • look natural and attractive (the color of the base is selected in accordance with the color of the patient’s gums);
  • quick adaptation;
  • affordable price.


  • possible uneven distribution of the load when chewing;
  • possible deformation, mechanical damage;
  • the need for periodic professional cleaning;
  • short service life when compared with the clasp prosthesis.


The most inexpensive type of removable dentures that have long been used in dental prosthetics. The crowns of the teeth are located on a pink acrylic base, which exactly follows the anatomical shape of the jaw and fits snugly to the gums. The covering lamellar prosthesis looks attractive, resistant to wear. However, the product takes up a lot of space in the patient’s mouth, which creates some discomfort and promotes long-term addiction. The denture must be replaced every 2-3 years.

Removable denture mounts

If several natural teeth remain in the dentition, then they can become a support for a removable denture. For fixation, the orthopedic structure is connected to the abutment teeth in an open way: on hooks (clasps) or using attachments (locks).

Pros of clasp fixation:

  • strength of fasteners, structural stability;
  • splinting effect for wobbly teeth;
  • no need for support teeth processing.

Minus – unaesthetic (clasps are noticeable when a person smiles).

Attachments are a two-piece locking system. One part is located on the prosthesis, and the other on the abutment tooth.


  • invisible;
  • hold the prosthesis securely;
  • durable.

In partial and complete dental prosthetics, the method of fixation on implants is also used. In this case, the doctor screws in point support implants in the jaw, and they put on metal-ceramic crowns. The prosthesis will be based on these elements. There are two types of telescopic removable dentures – on pins and on a bar.


  • high fixation strength;
  • the possibility of using for total prosthetics.

A new type of removable prosthetics in dentistry – dentures with suction cups. They use the principle of vacuum fastening. The product seems to stick to the gums, and this natural fixation is quite strong. The only caveat is that on the lower jaw, such an attachment option is ineffective, therefore it is recommended to use additional glue for dentures.

Advantages of removable dental prosthetics at Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro

  • The use of digital technologies that allow you to create aesthetic, anatomically accurate, and therefore comfortable prostheses for each patient.
  • The use of high quality materials, safe, non-allergenic.
  • Providing comprehensive services – from scanning and modeling to bone augmentation, implantation and total prosthetics.
  • The best quality / price ratio.
Removable prosthetics
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