Orthopantomogram (circular or panoramic image of the jaw) is a special type of X-ray examination, one of the most informative diagnostic methods in modern dentistry. Usually it is carried out in combination with CT or targeted radiography, in order to ultimately obtain the most complete information about the condition of the teeth, hard and soft tissues in the dentition. OPTG is used to study the maxillary sinuses, assess the condition of the temporomandibular joints.

Amel Dental Clinic is a quality dentistry center in Dnepropetrovsk. Our main goal is the health of patients, therefore we use the most effective methods of modern diagnostics and the most reliable diagnostic equipment in our work.

Orthopantomogram of the jaw: indications for diagnostics

OPTG is prescribed to patients in situations where the treatment of one or more teeth must be carried out taking into account the effect on the dentition, occlusion, tissues in contact with the diseased tooth, and other factors.

A panoramic image (orthopantomogram) is required for procedures such as:

  • 1
    extraction of wisdom teeth, other surgical interventions;
  • 2
  • 3
    caries treatment;
  • 4
    bite correction.

Panoramic x-ray of teeth is also used in pediatric dentistry to study the processes of changing milk teeth, the development of permanent teeth.

In addition, an orthopantomogram is recommended to be performed annually for preventive purposes to exclude or early detection of latent pathological processes. You can take a panoramic X-ray of teeth in Dnipro at the Amel Dental Clinic. To do this, you need to make an appointment for a consultation and examination with a dentist.

How is a circular tooth scan performed and what does it show?

OPTG is prescribed by the doctor after examining the patient. Diagnostics, as a rule, is carried out in combination with other research methods and enables the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis, to choose the necessary treatment methods.

To obtain a panoramic image, a special X-ray machine with a movable emitter is used. This design allows for an accurate, detailed image of the jaws from all sides. The general image shows the tissues of the maxillofacial apparatus, the temporomandibular joints, the teeth of the upper and lower row, as well as the maxillary sinuses. At Amel Dental Clinic, OPTG is performed using digital equipment. The doctor’s assistant prints the picture on A4 sheet. The results of the study are stored on a computer in digital format, so they can be sent at any time at the patient’s request by e-mail.

A general circular view of the teeth shows:

  • the condition of the entire dentition;
  • structure and features of the location of wisdom teeth;
  • features of development and teething in children;
  • destructive processes available for visualization, hidden pathologies or their absence;
  • TMJ state;
  • condition of the maxillary sinuses;
  • foci of internal carious infection;
  • condition of the periodontium.

Panoramic X-ray of teeth: advantages of the method

  • 1
    Fast research. It takes a few minutes to complete.
  • 2
    High information content. The doctor gets the opportunity to see the problem as a whole and treat it taking into account all possible complications.
  • 3
    High image resolution.
  • 4
    Saving information on digital media. It is convenient for archiving data, maintaining a medical history, exchanging information between specialists.
  • 5
    Safety. Amel Dental Clinic has all high-class diagnostic equipment. This is the equipment that makes the diagnosis as comfortable as possible for the patient and safe for his health. The radiation level with OPTG is minimal (40 times less than the permissible norm).

Where to take a panoramic dental X-ray in Dnipro?

The priority of Amel Dental Clinic is the health, safety and comfort of patients. Therefore, highly qualified specialists work in our dentistry, and the offices are equipped with reliable modern diagnostic and medical equipment. We pay special attention to diagnostics. To make the treatment as painful as possible and as effective as possible, we use the most accurate research methods, including a panoramic X-ray of the teeth.

You can sign up for a consultation and examination, familiarize yourself with the price list for the clinic’s services on the website, as well as using any form of communication convenient for you: e-mail, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp.

Price: Orthopantomogram

Процедура Price
Panoramic radiograph 400 UAH
Panoramic radiograph
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