Treatment of pulpitis in children

Treatment of pulpitis in children

No pain can be compared to a toothache. For parents, the worst thing is when a child suffers from toothache. Typically, acute dental pain is caused by pulpitis, an inflammation of the pulp (nerve tissue and blood vessels in the inside of the tooth). It develops against the background of caries, which was not noticed in a timely manner, and, accordingly, was not treated. The entire inflammatory process can pass unnoticed, but manifests itself suddenly. As soon as you find a problem, you need to urgently seek help from Amel Dental Clinic (Dnepropetrovsk).

The treatment of pulpitis in children cannot be postponed, since we are talking about an acute infection that can have serious consequences for the health of the child:

  • rapid transition from the acute stage of the disease to the chronic;
  • fistula formation;
  • cyst development;
  • periodontitis, periostitis.

Why is the pulp of a milk tooth inflamed?

The infection primarily affects the enamel, then makes its way into the dentin tissue, and only then deepens to the pulp itself. Milk teeth have a less dense structure and thinner enamel than the permanent teeth of an adult, so they are destroyed very quickly under the influence of caries. The infection takes very little time to reach the pulp. This feature is the reason that in childhood caries ends up with pulpitis much more often than in adults.

In what cases does pulpitis develop?

  • 1
    In case of ineffective or poor-quality treatment of caries.
  • 2
    When caries is not treated for a long time.
  • 3
    For acute tooth trauma.

Symptoms of inflammation of the pulp of a milk tooth

Severe, sudden pain is the most prominent symptom of inflammation. The treatment of pulpitis of a milk tooth can be started even before it begins to cause suffering to the child, if the problem is detected in time.

Alarm bells for parents in which you need to immediately contact the dentist:

  • 1
    sensitivity of teeth to temperature changes (cold / hot);
  • 2
    pressure on the tooth causes discomfort in the baby;
  • 3
    swollen gums around the inflamed tooth;
  • 4
    swollen cheek;
  • 5
    bad breath;
  • 6
    loss of appetite, poor sleep, rapid fatigability;
  • 7
    an increase in body temperature (usually up to 37-38 ° C).

If the child feels not acute, but aching pain, which increases with pressure on the tooth and spreads further to the dentition, then, most likely, the pulpitis has become chronic.

The sooner the pulpitis of milk teeth is detected and treated, the faster the painful sensations will pass, the sooner the child’s suffering will end. Amel Dental Clinic is open 7 days a week. At the first signs of pulpitis, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our clinic for an examination by a pediatric dentist.

Pulpitis treatment of deciduous teeth at Amel Dental Clinic

In the treatment of pulpitis, invasive intervention is required (using a drill).

At Amel Dental Clinic, pulpitis in children is treated in two ways:

1. MTA is a method of preserving vital pulp.

The most delicate method, which makes it possible to preserve not only the tooth, but also the living pulp. 

Treatment consists of several stages:

  • anesthesia;
  • preparation of a diseased tooth;
  • cleansing of the affected dentin;
  • treatment of the pulp with a disinfectant solution;
  • an MTA pad is a special preparation for keeping the pulp alive;
  • general drug treatment aimed at relieving inflammation.

It is possible to cure pulpitis with minimal losses only in case of early diagnosis, therefore, we insist on an urgent visit to dentistry if at least one of the above symptoms of inflammation appears.

2. Devital method.

This method is effective even in the treatment of advanced forms of the disease.

  • Anesthesia. For young patients, it is performed using the STA apparatus. It is a unique digital system that provides high accuracy, painlessness and safety of anesthesia. If necessary, when the child is very afraid of the drill, we use safe sedation and treatment during sleep.
  • Opening the tooth, cleaning and processing the cavity.
  • Mechanical and drug treatment of root canals.
  • Root canal filling.
  • Carious cavity restoration.
  • Mandatory X-ray control of the filling quality.

Treatment of pulpitis of milk teeth in Dnipro: the best children’s clinic

Patient health is our main concern. Babies are special patients. We have created all the conditions for children at Amel Dental Clinic to forget about their fears and receive the highest quality treatment.

In our clinic:

  • 1
    doctors of the highest qualification work who love children and know how to win the trust of the smallest patients;
  • 2
    high-tech digital equipment is used, which ensures high accuracy, efficiency and painlessness of medical procedures;
  • 3
    certified innovative materials, safe medicines and pain relievers are used.

You can make an appointment with a pediatric dentist on the company’s website, indicating the desired date and time of the visit. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or e-mail. Our administrator will call you back to determine the exact appointment time, advise on the services provided and the cost of treatment at Amel Dental Clinic.

Treatment of pulpitis in children
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