Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Among all the existing methods of achieving radiant whiteness of teeth, the safest and most comfortable for the patient is laser whitening, which is a technology for enamel brightening that works at the molecular level. We offer you laser teeth whitening in Dnipro – a popular worldwide method of teeth whitening, which has been used for over 20 years!

It is believed that the effect of professional whitening methods is short-lived. This is not true. Modern technologies guarantee the preservation of the result for 1-1.5 years, and the rest depends on how you care for your teeth, the presence of bad habits, the nature of the diet and genetic characteristics.

Professional teeth whitening with a laser

The laser method of whitening is based on the use of oxygen-containing whitening compositions that are applied to the surface of the teeth and react with the pigments contained in dentin under the action of laser radiation. As a result, there is a partial destruction of pigments and enamel lightening by several tones. In order to exclude thermal and chemical burns, the gum areas adjacent to the teeth are isolated with a liquid rubber dam. This is the safest teeth whitening in dentistry, and the procedure itself is completely painless, since there are no nerve endings in the enamel and dentin.

We use SiroLaser laser whitening. This is a completely new development of the world leader in the production of high-tech dental equipment – Sirona. Compared to other methods such as Zoom teeth whitening, SiroLaser has a number of advantages. Thanks to new technologies, whitening is carried out without pain, the enamel does not dry out, and the sensitivity of the teeth remains the same. The equipment allows processing both the entire dentition and each tooth separately. The procedure takes place in the most gentle mode without negative impact on the pulp.

Laser teeth whitening in the clinic: the main advantages

The main advantage of the laser whitening technique is its safety for the teeth. But in reality, the benefits of laser whitening are much greater:

  • effectively destroys pigments of yellow, gray, brown shades;
  • the substances contained in the whitening composition do not change the chemical structure of the enamel, therefore the procedure is absolutely safe for teeth;
  • comfort and absence of pain during the procedure;
  • immediate result after the end of the whitening process (lightening up to 4 tones is possible);
  • the effect lasts for 1-1.5 years, subject to oral hygiene.

How is the procedure of laser teeth whitening

As a rule, the whitening procedure is preceded by a preparatory stage, so in general it looks like this:

  • the doctor cleans the tooth surface from dental deposits;
  • to exclude contact of the cheeks and lips with the whitening compound (gel), a retractor is installed in the mouth;
  • to protect the edge of the gums, a rubber dam (polymer composite that hardens under the influence of a light source) is used, and the eyes are protected with glasses;
  • a bleach gel is applied to the surface of the teeth;
  • each tooth is processed with a laser for 30 seconds (when using a special nozzle, processing can be carried out in quadrants, which significantly speeds up the process);
  • the whitening composition is carefully removed from the surface of the teeth;
  • the procedure is repeated 2 times;
  • a composition for fluoridation is applied to the teeth.

The degree of tooth enamel lightening depends on the sensitivity of the teeth to the whitening gel.

  • How long does the laser whitening result last?
    1-1.5 years, the results that were achieved using the procedure are saved. We recommend not to eat or drink for two hours after bleaching, and for two days after the procedure, you should refrain from coloring food, smoking.

Contraindications for laser whitening

Laser brightening of enamel is the safest teeth whitening in dentistry, but there are contraindications for it:

  • pregnancy or lactation;
  • erosion of enamel;
  • the presence of cancer;
  • the presence of dental plaque;
  • stomatitis;
  • hypersensitivity.

Instrumental teeth whitening at Amel Dental Clinic

Modern teeth whitening means comfort, safety and quick results. All this is guaranteed by laser teeth whitening. As we already wrote above, the results obtained last for 2 years, but for this we recommend that you strictly follow the rules of oral hygiene, and you can prolong the effect obtained using the professional hygiene procedure in the clinic.

You can make an appointment with a doctor by filling out an application on the website of the dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk). You can get a free consultation using contact numbers or one of the communication channels indicated on the website: Viber, Telegram, Facebook, by e-mail. You can find out the prices in the price list on the website or from our managers by phone.

Price: Teeth whitening

Процедура Price
Chemical whitening 3 900 UAH
Whitening with Sirolazer laser 5 500 UAH
Whitening with Sirolazer laser
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