Canal filling under a microscope

Canal filling under a microscope

Amel Dental Clinic is a dental clinic in the city of Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), which uses the best achievements of modern dentistry, including digital technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. This is one of the few clinics in the city and in Ukraine that provides endodontic dental treatment under a microscope using digital dental equipment.

The use of a dental microscope ensures high accuracy and efficiency of treatment. In many situations, an optical device significantly improves the quality of a specialist’s work.

When is root canal treatment required?

There are clinical cases when even the high professionalism and experience of the doctor does not allow him to thoroughly study the patient’s problem during the examination. Using a microscope improves the accuracy of dental diagnosis and treatment.

It is used to:

  • obtaining the most accurate information about the spread of carious infection;
  • detection of chips and microcracks invisible on an X-ray image;
  • filling of canals with a complex structure;
  • pulp study, research and treatment of neoplasms;
  • precise processing of the tooth under the crown;
  • removal of perforations;
  • retrieving fragments of an endodontic instrument;
  • diagnostics of dental plaque under the gum (in the root zone) and improving the quality of professional hygiene.

Root canal treatment under a microscope

In addition to the listed manipulations, Amel Dental Clinic specialists carry out canal treatment and retreatment under a microscope. Unfortunately, there are often cases when patients come to our clinic after poor-quality treatment and filling of canals, which subsequently leads to tooth decay. A dental microscope helps the doctor to accurately unseal, remove completely the remnants of a poor-quality filling, detect internal damage that makes further tooth treatment impossible.

What are the advantages of endodontic treatment under a microscope:

  • high accuracy of all procedures, which can be achieved by increasing the image of the root canal by 40 times;
  • the ability to control the execution of manipulations throughout the depth of the root canal;
  • elimination of the risk of damage to healthy tissues during treatment;
  • the ability to diagnose caries at the primary stage;
  • the possibility of detecting defects, restorations of the filling after removing the old restoration, which cannot be detected without a microscope during normal examination.

Root canal treatment under a microscope helps the dentist to improve the quality of his work and to guarantee the patients a long-lasting endodontic treatment result.

Root treatment under a microscope at Amel Dental Clinic

Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro invites you for a preventive examination. The consultation price is indicated on the website. It includes examination by a specialized specialist, examination of the gums using the PSR method.

Patient health is paramount. Therefore, we use the latest technology in the diagnosis and treatment of teeth and gums. A dental microscope is one of the tools that help doctors perform complex dental procedures. The cost of filling canals under a microscope is higher compared to endodontic treatment without optical equipment, but such treatment is the most accurate and effective. It excludes mistakes that can have negative consequences (lead to overfilling, loss of teeth).

Price: Canal filling under a microscope

Retreatment of root canals under a microscope, 1 canalfrom 9 000 UAH
Primary root canal treatment under a microscope, 1 canalfrom 7 000 UAH
Primary root canal treatment under a microscope, 1 canal
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