Surgical treatment of periodontitis

Surgical treatment of periodontitis

If conservative treatment of periodontitis does not give results, the dentists of the Amel Dental clinic recommend surgical treatment of periodontitis, which will make it possible to preserve the patient’s teeth and is a more effective method of treating severe stages of this disease.

Before starting dental treatment, the patient undergoes a mandatory examination by all dental specialists – orthodontist, orthopedist, therapist and periodontist-surgeon. After a comprehensive examination, a decision is made on the need for surgical intervention.

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    The intervention of an orthopedist is necessary to reduce the load on the teeth that are to be surgically affected. This specialist can install temporary splinting structures, or structures to replace lost teeth.
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    The orthodontist analyzes and corrects the patient’s bite, since this malocclusion is one of the aggravating factors in the course of periodontitis.
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    A periodontist treats inflammation in order to eliminate periodontal pockets caused by the disease.

Let’s consider the main methods that are used in the surgical treatment of periodontitis.

Flap surgery

This method of surgical treatment of periodontal disease consists in the fact that the surgeon makes a small incision in the gums to provide access and view of the problem tooth. Further, the tooth is cleaned and treated without interfering with the bone tissue. After the completion of the intervention, the gum is sutured.

The advantage of the method is that the doctor has a complete high-quality view of all surfaces of the roots of the teeth, due to which the ideal cleaning and polishing of the roots of the teeth from plaque and infection is achieved.

Resective surgery

This surgical treatment of the periodontal, in fact, repeats the cleaning with an open flap, however, in addition to cleaning and removing the pocket, it also corrects the bone tissue that is deformed and infected due to the disease.

Resective surgery is more invasive, but leads to the complete elimination of the causes of cavities. Rehabilitation after the intervention takes a longer period.

Regenerative surgery

To restore severely damaged areas of the jaw bone, the technology of regenerative surgery is used, which consists in reconstructing the area affected by the disease.

Like other surgical treatments for periodontitis, regenerative surgery requires deep gum intervention to access damaged areas. This method of treatment requires the use of bone substitutes and even bone grafting is possible.

The advantage of this method is the ability to save teeth that cannot be preserved with other treatments. However, the method is effective only in point cases; if large areas are affected, its use will not give a result.

To complete the treatment, the patient must fully comply with the recommendations of the attending physician, since hygiene and proper nutrition contribute to the speedy tissue regeneration and healing of the surgical site in the oral cavity. It is also necessary to regularly visit the clinic for examinations and further treatment.

Mucogingival surgery

When using this method, the emphasis is on the elimination of defects in the soft tissues of the gums affected by periodontitis. In the process of performing a surgical intervention, defects in the gums are eliminated, gum attachment is increased, and damaged areas are restored.

Mucogingival surgery can be used in conjunction with other types of surgery.

After the completion of periodontitis treatment, the patient may need to correct aesthetic defects in the form of drooping gums. In this case, a second operation is possible, for example, a tissue transplant from the palate to eliminate defects or the use of local tissues.

At the Amel Dental clinic, periodontitis is treated with various methods, including surgical ones. The clinic’s dentists have experience in treating this type of oral disease of any complexity with subsequent recovery.

Surgical treatment of periodontitis
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