Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces

Perfectly straight teeth are only in 20% of cases due to nature. In the remaining 80%, modern orthodontic dentistry helps to achieve a beautiful smile. Ligature-free braces are an innovative design of the bracket system that helps to correct any bite defects with minimal discomfort for the patient and in a shorter time than with a standard orthodontic system.

The peculiarity of ligature-free braces is the way they are fixed. Unlike the standard system of braces with locks (ligature), the ligature-free design has a movable orthodontic arch that is attached to the teeth with sliding clamps, which provides automatic regulation of the pressure on the teeth. The load is applied in the right areas, which facilitates quick and effective defect correction. Ligature-free systems have several varieties. Specialists of the modern dental clinic in Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) Amel Dental Clinic will help you to identify occlusion disorders, to choose the most effective orthodontic treatment.

Self-adjusting braces: the main benefits

The movable method of attachment and the compactness of the bracket system give it a number of advantages:

  • lack of long-term and painful addiction;
  • the absence of rigid elements that can injure the mucous membrane;
  • ease of installation and dismantling of the system;
  • free movement of the orthodontic arch when the teeth move;
  • the use of safe bioinert materials that do not cause allergies in the manufacture of the structure;
  • no need to remove permanent teeth;
  • reducing the frequency of visits to the dentist to correct the system;
  • reduction in total treatment time by about 25%;
  • easier oral hygiene than with ligature braces;
  • the possibility of bite correction even with gum inflammation (periodontitis);
  • comfortable wearing.

Self-ligating braces have only one drawback – they are more expensive than classic ligature braces.

Types of ligature-free braces and their features

Braces without ligatures have several varieties:

  • 1
    metal – the classic version, the most affordable;
  • 2
    partially ceramic – metal and ceramics are used in the manufacture, refer to the middle price category;
  • 3
    aesthetic (completely ceramic or with sapphire mounts) – they are practically invisible on the teeth, have the highest cost, since they use expensive materials and technologies.

Advantages of the metal self-adjusting bite correction system:

  • suitable for patients of any age, including children;
  • equipped with a delicate fastening system (installation of braces does not harm the tooth enamel and gums);
  • practically does not cause discomfort, does not rub;
  • has a simple and convenient design, so there are no difficulties with hygiene; durable;
  • the effectiveness of the system is obvious after two to three months.

Advantages of self-adjusting ceramic braces:

  • 1
    suitable for everyone (adults, children), including those who are allergic to metals;
  • 2
    this is the most aesthetic option for bite treatment, as the braces are transparent and almost invisible on the teeth;
  • 3
    do not change color during wearing under the influence of food coloring; do not harm tooth enamel.

Duration and features of treatment with self-adjusting braces

The effect of using a ligature-free bracket system appears much earlier than when using a classic orthodontic construction, but the exact timing of wearing braces can only be established by an orthodontist after diagnostics, an assessment of individual factors that affect the speed of correction of defects.

You are only one step away from a beautiful smile. Sign up for a consultation with an orthodontist at Amel Dental Clinic. The specialist will conduct a thorough diagnosis, recommend the most effective way to correct bite defects and draw up a plan for orthodontic treatment. In our practice, there are hundreds of cases of successful occlusion correction using self-adjusting braces in adults and young patients.

Price: Self-ligating braces

Процедура Price
Fixation of a metal self-ligating bracket system from 16 500 UAH
Fixation of a metal self-ligating bracket system
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