Fixed dental prosthetics

Fixed dental prosthetics

Diseases of the teeth and gums, non-compliance or ineffective oral hygiene, poor-quality treatment, stress, unbalanced diet, unfavorable environmental conditions, and finally, a genetic factor – all this can cause tooth loss / extraction. If it so happens that the dentition has thinned out by one or two teeth, there is no need to despair. In modern dentistry there are tools that will not spoil your smile, on the contrary, will make it even more attractive. Fixed dentures are one of the ways to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the dentition.

The dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic (Dnepropetrovsk) uses modern technologies of dental prosthetics, which have made it possible to restore teeth while maintaining their attractiveness and correct bite, preserving the health of other teeth, preventing their displacement and correctly distributing the load when chewing.

In what cases is permanent dental prosthetics carried out?

Fixed prosthetics solves several important tasks at once:

  • 1
    Aesthetic restoration of the structure of the teeth.
  • 2
  • 3
    Replacement of extracted / lost teeth.

The doctor recommends a fixed denture if:

  • the patient has the destruction of one / more teeth;
  • there are chips, other damage to the front teeth;
  • tooth loss affected the quality of chewing function;
  • sensitivity of the teeth;
  • there is a deformation of the bite.

Fixed denture: types and features

Dentures on implants

To install the prosthesis, a metal implant is installed in the jaw, which will serve as a support for the crown. After some time, required for the successful integration of the implant, prosthetics are performed using a fixed orthopedic structure.

There are two types of fixed prosthetics:

  • 1
    In the absence of one tooth.
  • 2
    With total adentia (the prosthesis is installed over the entire jaw).

The choice of orthoconstruction depends on which teeth and how many are missing. In fixed prosthetics, it is possible to make a crown from any material (zirconium, ceramics, plastic, etc.)

In addition to implantable prostheses, doctors at Amel Dental Clinic use modern fixed prostheses without implantation.


Such a prosthesis is installed on the teeth if there is serious destruction of the dental tissue. First, the doctor prepares the teeth for prosthetics. Unlike other clinics, Amel Dental Clinic does not grind a healthy tooth under a crown. We carry out processing using a dental microscope. This method maximizes the preservation of healthy tooth tissue. In case of partial destruction of the tooth, its restoration is carried out using a tab. Specialists of Amel Dental Clinic use unique prosthetics technologies that allow placing crowns even on teeth that are destroyed to the root. The whole process of prosthetics is carried out in 3 steps (visits to the dentist).


The popular method of fixed prosthetics, one of the best methods of aesthetic prosthetic dentistry. Veneers are thin ceramic plates that are fixed to the surface of the teeth. This is a rather expensive technology, but the high cost is justified by the quality and functionality of the prostheses.

The main advantages of veneers:

  • hide flaws (yellowness, damage, some bite defects);
  • have a color identical to the natural color of the enamel;
  • minimal grinding of teeth for veneers;
  • protection of teeth from decay, reduction of sensitivity.


In our clinic, a bridge orthoprosthesis is used when there are no several teeth located one after another in the dentition. This is a one-piece construction with support on healthy teeth at the edges (then preparation of healthy teeth is carried out in order to install supporting crowns on them).

The type of prosthetics and the most suitable way of fixing the prosthesis / crown will be determined individually by the orthopedic surgeon based on the results of examination and diagnosis.

Fixed dental prosthetics at Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro

Replacing teeth with fixed dentures is the most delicate and aesthetic way to replace missing teeth. The quality of production, installation of orthoconstruction, its convenience and durability depend on the professional skills of the doctor, the quality of materials and dental equipment. Amel Dental Clinic offers high-quality dental prosthetics and provides patients with a guarantee for their services.

Why is it better to treat and prosthetics teeth in our clinic?

  • We have high-tech dental and dental equipment, so we can implement the most complex types of modeling and production of prostheses.
  • We manufacture orthopedic structures and single prostheses from different materials according to individual anatomical parameters, we use only high-quality, safe, hypoallergenic raw materials.
  • Thanks to digital diagnostics and accurate actions of the orthopedic surgeon, we perform all dental prosthetics work with high quality and in the shortest possible time.
  • Amel Dental Clinic has all the conditions for a comfortable and, most importantly, effective treatment without pain.
  • We guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment and take care of the beauty of your smile.
Fixed dental prosthetics
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