Correction of bite

Correction of bite

Correction of bite is possible at any age, but the older the person, the more difficult it is to do it – the treatment takes longer, and its cost is much higher. We are approached with various problems – disorders of the growth of teeth, congenital malocclusion, significant interdental spaces, etc. This is not the whole list of problems that can be dealt with by resorting to the help of an orthodontist and special constructions.

Do not forget that bite correction in children is much easier than in adolescents and even more so in adults. The sooner we discover a problem, the easier and faster we will solve it.

Why is the correct bite so important?

Correcting the occlusion with braces prevents a large number of dental problems. First of all, malocclusion is an excessive load on the teeth, which can cause negative changes in the temporomandibular joint. An incorrect bite significantly complicates the hygiene procedures, as a result of which the risk of caries and inflammatory processes in soft tissues increases. Many of us do not realize that facial asymmetries, microcracks in the enamel, increased tooth wear, cervical defects and, as a result, increased tooth sensitivity are also associated with an incorrect bite.

Types of malocclusion

There are the following types of bite:

  • Mesial. With this type of bite, the lower jaw protrudes forward. The reason for this violation is the more active development of the lower jaw. In this case, the chin is pushed forward, a crunch of joints is possible. Bite correction is carried out with braces.
  • Deep. The upper jaw overlaps the lower one. As a result, there are diction disorders, problems with chewing food. Surgical plastics or treatment with braces are performed.
  • Distal. In this case, the upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw even more than with a deep bite. To correct this defect, they resort to the help of trainers who help to develop the jaws and achieve their normal functioning.
  • Cross. Displacement of the jaw to the left or right. The teeth move horizontally and the jaw is narrowed. Such a bite occurs, as a rule, due to complications when changing milk teeth to permanent ones or in case of growth disorders. Hereditary factors and frequent ear infections can also be the cause.
  • Open. The jaws do not close. Among the main reasons for this anomaly: rickets, long sucking on a pacifier or a finger by a child. The method of treatment is chosen depending on the reasons that led to such a violation.

How to fix a bite

An incorrect bite is not only an external defect, but also a high risk of facing various dental problems, diseases of the digestive system.

This can be avoided with the help of timely treatment, for which the following methods are used:

  • 1
    Orthodontic plates (mouth guards). Removable plates that allow you to fix the teeth in the desired position. Typically used to treat disorders in children under 12 years of age. They are worn constantly, but they are removed during meals and hygiene procedures. They are made individually after taking impressions of the jaw. The outer part of the plates consists of wire and keeps the teeth from moving forward, while the inner part prevents them from moving backwards and adjoins the gums.
  • 2
    Braces for bite alignment. Fixed structures (vestibular, lingual, ligatureless, self-ligating), with which very serious defects can be corrected. This harmless option is much more effective than plates, and it takes 1 to 2.5 years to change the bite with braces. Since the braces are non-removable, the patient is required to strictly adhere to oral hygiene, which will help to avoid the development of caries and gum disease.
  • 3
    Trainers. An effective way to correct bite defects. The basis of the design is not hard, but soft plates, with the help of which it is possible to eliminate speech defects, difficulties in swallowing food, and correct the position of the tongue. They are worn for a couple of hours a day and put on before bed. They are used in both children and adults.

In addition, a set of exercises – myotherapy – can be prescribed to correct the occlusion. It is especially effective in young children. Exercise develops the jaw bones, reduces the risk of malocclusion in the future, which creates favorable conditions for the correct growth of permanent teeth.

Surgical occlusion correction is practiced in difficult cases when it is not possible to correct the occlusion using the above methods. In this case, maxillary or mandibular osteotomy, aesthetic genioplasty (face asymmetry correction) are performed.

In adults, bite alignment without braces is impossible. Their jaw bones are already fully formed, so removable appliances will be ineffective. Crowns are not a contraindication to the installation of a bracket system. It is possible both to move the tooth under the crown, and to use it as a reference when correcting the position of other teeth in the dentition. If a patient has a veneer installed before bite correction, there is a risk that it will have to be changed after braces. If the plan is a complex correction of the dentition (alignment and elimination of defects), then first it is advisable to correct the bite, and only then to install veneers.

To help your child not have to wear braces for a long time, be sure to visit an orthodontist.

Common reasons for the formation of an incorrect bite:

  • thumb sucking and other objects;
  • frequent biting of the upper / lower lip;
  • the habit of breathing through the mouth;
  • improper removal of temporary teeth;
  • jaw injury.

In childhood, you can use removable orthodontic structures that are installed on one or two jaws. They do not cause discomfort, you can remove them yourself, so nothing can interfere with the upcoming holiday or photo session. They are worn for at least 12 hours a day, which helps to correct the identified violations and prevent more serious defects.

Bite correction at Amel Dental Clinic

To avoid the need for your child to wear bite correction machines for a long time in the future, make an appointment with an orthodontist at our clinic. Don’t forget that eight out of ten people are born with a malocclusion, but modern dentistry has everything to cope with these disorders.

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Price: Correction of bite

Процедура Price
Bite correction with aligners “Invisalign” Lite, one jaw 110 000 UAH
Bite correction with aligners “Invisalign” Lite, full course 165 000 UAH
Correction of bite with aligners “Invisalign” Teen, full course 220 000 UAH
Bite correction with aligners “Invisalign” Full, full course 264 000 UAH
Bite correction with aligners “Invisalign” Full, full course
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