Restoration of children’s teeth

Restoration of children’s teeth

The problem of caries is always relevant, therefore, much attention is paid to the development of methods for its prevention. It is precisely prevention that experts consider the main means that made it possible to achieve a decrease in the percentage of caries incidence worldwide. Caries of deciduous teeth remains no less urgent problem. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of parents believe that it is not necessary to treat milk teeth at all, since permanent teeth will soon take their place.

We hasten to disappoint you – temporary teeth not cured in time are very often the cause of permanent teeth damage. Today we will talk about why the restoration of milk teeth is needed, about the methods of its implementation at Amel Dental Clinic (in Dnipro).

Why is the restoration of children’s teeth needed?

Restoration of teeth in children is necessary, and it should be started at the first signs of decay or deformation. Early caries and any damage to the enamel should not be ignored by parents and doctors, since in the future this can lead to the formation of an incorrect bite, making it difficult to erupt permanent teeth.

In addition, the restoration of milk teeth contributes to the full development of speech activity in children, makes it possible to make children’s teeth beautiful and even, which provides the child with psychological comfort. Don’t forget that a beautiful smile is one of the factors that affect a child’s self-confidence.

So, let’s list the main reasons why the restoration of children’s teeth is a mandatory procedure:

  • the formation of an incorrect bite;
  • absence (sharpening) of a permanent tooth;
  • violations of speech activity;
  • untreated caries leads to complications, pain;
  • psychological discomfort (uncertainty associated with appearance and diction disorders).

Restoration of milk teeth: restoration methods

There are the following methods of dental restoration in children:

  • straight;
  • prosthetics.

The direct method of restoration involves the use of composite filling materials, which allow the teeth to return to their original appearance, to restore the structure of the crown of a temporary tooth. Materials are polymerized under the influence of special light sources and have a different color, degree of transparency, which allows you to choose the option that is as close to natural as possible. Restoration of milk teeth for children allows you to solve the aesthetic problem and restore their functionality – both chewing and anterior teeth are restored.

With significant tooth decay, when effective restoration is impossible, prosthetics are used. After treatment, crowns are put on the destroyed teeth.

Restoration of milk teeth in Dnipro: advantages of treatment at Amel Dental Clinic

High-quality dentistry is one of the factors influencing the harmonious development of a child. We have everything for this – a high professional level of doctors combined with experience, high technology and quality materials.

High-quality dentistry is one of the factors influencing the harmonious development of a child. We have everything for this – a high professional level of doctors combined with experience, high technology and quality materials.

So that the visit to our clinic does not cause anxiety in the baby, we resort to sedation. This is a method by which the child ceases to be afraid of visits to the dental office, and the doctor’s work efficiency increases. The sevoran gas used for this allows us to bring our little patients into a state of relaxation, the treatment becomes painless, anxiety and panic fear of pain disappear. After cessation of treatment and the supply of sevoran gas, the child returns to his usual state. It is safe and allows the doctor to provide quality treatment.

To make an appointment with a doctor at the dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), you can find out the prices in the price list or by phone (you can order a call back) indicated on the website, or by sending an application via one of the communication channels: Telegram, Facebook , Whatsapp, by email.

Price Restoration of children’s teeth

Restoration of a milk tooth1 350 UAH
Restoration of children’s teeth
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