Sedation in Pediatric Dentistry

At Amel Dental Clinic, sedation is performed only by an anesthesiologist, we use Sevoran gas. In a playful way, we show the child how to put on a mask and breathe through it. Already after the first breaths, the blood is saturated with gas, the child relaxes, calms down, anxiety goes away, movements slow down, light and sounds are perceived muted – and we begin treatment.

In what situation is sedation used?

In a situation when the child is just getting to know dental treatment, or when the child has distrust due to previous unpleasant experiences with doctors. Sedation is also suitable for children with an increased gag reflex and sensitivity to light and sound.

What does sedation do?

Sedation is used to relax the patient during dental treatment. The child feels as if he is dozing, so treatment under sedation is often referred to as sleep treatment.

It gives the child the opportunity to relax and calm down so much that dental treatment will be associated with only positive emotions. In addition, sedation promotes the child’s perseverance, thus increasing the time he can spend in the chair.

For the doctor – the opportunity to do his job more quickly, efficiently and efficiently.

The parent is calm and confident that the child will go to the dentist with pleasure.

Sedation. Anesthesia. Anesthesia. What is the difference?

Sedation is not anesthesia or anesthesia. It is a general state of relaxation in which we can provide quality treatment. We do local anesthesia to relieve sensitivity around a particular tooth, and sedation psychologically enhances the analgesic effect of anesthesia.

How should you prepare for sedation?

No special training is required. You shouldn’t tell your child about the planned treatment, we will show and tell everything in his “childish” language. Avoid eating three hours before taking. Be calm yourself, then your child will know that everything is in order.

How does the baby feel during and after sedation?

During sedation – a feeling of relaxation, laziness, calmness. After the procedure, the child will be in his usual mood, sedation will not affect his physical and psychological condition in any way.

How safe is this method?

Today, Sevoran has clear advantages, is non-toxic and does not affect the organs of the child. We select only the best and most modern methods and drugs with proven efficacy and safety.