Dental prosthetics for children

Dental prosthetics for children

Premature extraction of deciduous teeth is one of the reasons for the malocclusion and curvature of the dentition. That is why temporary teeth are removed only in extreme cases. If this cannot be avoided, dentures for children come to the rescue. Unlike an adult, children’s prosthetics has some peculiarities: in this case, other materials are used (acrylic, stainless and chrome-plated steel, silver alloys, etc.) and lighter and more flexible structures.

By the way, prosthetics is not as young as it might seem at first glance. Its progenitor was the ancient Etruscan civilization, which used prostheses as early as the 7th century BC. e.

The Etruscans are considered the founders of dentistry, who used special structures made of animal teeth for prosthetics, reminiscent of modern bridge prostheses.

Dental prosthetics for children: when it is necessary

The main task of prosthetics is the restoration and improvement of the functions and aesthetics of the teeth.

Children’s dental prosthetics is indicated in the following cases:

  • the defect is more than 2 surfaces;
  • teeth after endodontic treatment;
  • congenital defects in the development of hard tissues;
  • large areas of demineralization, circular caries;
  • high risk of recurrence and progressive caries;
  • acid attacks;
  • support for orthodontic appliances and seat holder;
  • Hall technique;
  • new abnormal tooth shape.

Prosthetics of milk teeth: basic methods

Prosthetic methods are determined after examining the oral cavity by a dentist. Depending on the purpose, the following types of prostheses are distinguished:

  • medical – designed to restore the functions of the teeth;
  • preventive – ensure the normal functioning of the dentoalveolar apparatus;
  • fixing – used to fix orthodontic structures.

Mostly crowns are used in children’s prosthetics. Crowns are used in cases where the enamel is significantly destroyed. The materials for their manufacture are metals, zirconium, ceramics, and plastic.

Prosthetics of milk teeth in children at Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro

Prosthetics of the anterior milk teeth and the chewing group of teeth in children has been practiced relatively recently and has significantly reduced the percentage of children with developmental disorders of the dentoalveolar apparatus. It is a painless procedure, and the prostheses used do not disturb diction and do not interfere with any activity typical of babies. If necessary, we use anesthesia and sedation, so children are not afraid to visit our clinic. Smiling with Amel Dental Clinic is always more pleasant!

To make an appointment with a pediatric dentist at the Amel Dental Clinic, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), you can get a free consultation by calling the phones listed on the website, or by sending an application via one of the communication channels: Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, by e-mail. You can find out the prices of pediatric dentistry in the price list on the website or contact our consultants by phone.

Price Dental prosthetics for children

Процедура Price
Prosthetics with children’s zirconium crowns 2 200 UAH
Prosthetics with metal crowns for children 1 100 UAH
Dental prosthetics for children
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