Pediatric periodontitis treatment

Pediatric periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis is a pathological process that is a consequence of advanced caries. When the infection damaged the tooth enamel, tooth tissue, hit the pulp, and no treatment was undertaken, very soon the disease will reach the part of the tooth that is located in the root zone, as well as the periodontium (tissues adjacent to the teeth). It takes a little time from the appearance of a stain of caries on the tooth enamel to the moment when periodontitis develops in a child. This is due to the special structure of milk teeth (enamel fragility and wide root canals).

Dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic (Dnepropetrovsk) recommends that parents regularly visit a pediatric dentist with their child in order to detect oral diseases at an early stage and prevent the development of more serious pathological processes.

Why is it important to start the treatment of periodontitis in children on time?

  • 1
    Early diagnosis of periodontal inflammation makes it possible to preserve a temporary tooth until the natural change of teeth.
  • 2
    Tooth preservation is about maintaining the correct bite.
  • 3
    The treatment blocks the development of the inflammatory process and prevents damage to the permanent teeth when they are just forming.
  • 4
    The health of the affected tissues is restored.

Although the infection is located in the oral cavity, it affects the entire body of the child. Periodontal inflammation is complicated by bone inflammation (periostitis). The kid feels weak, cannot eat, does not sleep well. Treatment at the Amel Dental Clinic will quickly return your baby to health, good mood and great health.

Why does chronic periodontitis develop in children: the causes of the disease

  • Infection due to pulpitis (complication of carious infection).
  • Inflammation of tissues as a result of injury, shock, wound damage to the mucous membrane.
  • Untimely treatment of caries (discovered late or did not have the opportunity to immediately go to the clinic).

Periodontitis in children is a disease that should not be left to chance, as it can lead to the loss of not only temporary, but also permanent teeth. Preventive examination in pediatric dentistry Amel Dental Clinic will help to identify and cure caries at the initial stage, eliminating the risk of developing dangerous complications.

Symptoms of periodontitis in a child

A list of the main signs of periodontitis will help you detect the disease in time:

  • acute toothache;
  • tooth mobility;
  • temperature increase;
  • poor sleep;
  • the general well-being of the child suffers;
  • swelling of the cheek;
  • fistula formation on the outside or inside of the cheek (on the gum);
  • characteristic bad breath.

Even one of the listed symptoms is a serious reason to contact Amel Dental Clinic. Using modern digital equipment, a pediatric dentist will quickly diagnose, effectively treat and relieve your baby from pain. You should also remember about the chronic form of periodontitis, which often develops asymptomatically, so do not forget about preventive dental examinations and consultations.

Periodontitis treatment of deciduous teeth at Amel Dental Clinic

In pediatric dentistry, doctors use two methods of treating periodontitis:

  • 1
  • 2

The first method takes place in several stages:

  • examination and radiography;
  • pain relief (child-safe anesthesia or sedation);
  • root canal treatment with antibacterial drugs;
  • treatment of teeth and root canals affected by caries;
  • tooth restoration;
  • if necessary – immunosuppressive therapy.

Surgical treatment is the extraction of a tooth. When it is no longer possible to save a tooth, then the doctor prescribes this radical method of treatment.

Indications for surgical treatment of periodontitis:

  • poor-quality treatment of affected root canals;
  • the infection from the temporary tooth has spread deeply and affected the emerging permanent tooth;
  • root resorption (1/2 or 2/3);
  • a year or less left before the change of teeth.

Some kids are afraid to remove teeth no less than drills. In this case, the doctor uses safe sedation instead of local anesthesia and performs the operation while the child is sleeping.

Amel Dental Clinic – effective treatment of periodontitis of milk teeth in Dnipro

The latest technologies, modern equipment and materials, as well as the high professionalism of doctors are tools that help us to quickly and painlessly treat the teeth of the smallest patients of the clinic. In most cases, one visit to the dentist is sufficient for effective treatment of periodontitis. After treatment in our clinic, your baby will no longer be afraid of doctors and hospitals.

We work 7 days a week, which means you have somewhere to turn for help if the pain suddenly overtook the baby on the weekend. To make an appointment with a pediatric dentist, you can find out the prices according to the price list on the company’s website. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or e-mail. The administrator will call you back to clarify the time of appointment, the cost of treatment at Amel Dental Clinic.

Pediatric periodontitis treatment
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