How to preserve fragile baby teeth

The teeth of young children are indeed highly susceptible to traumatic factors. The enamel of children’s teeth, even permanent ones, is immature and thinner than that of adults. Because of this, plaque on the teeth quickly leads to stones, stones to caries, and caries can reach the root of the tooth and destroy it completely in weeks, and not in years, as in an adult. Therefore, it is important to take your child to the dentist before the problem occurs.

The main cause of dental disease is plaque. As described above, it is from the bacterial plaque that dark brown dental calculi are formed, which turn into caries and create the risk of tooth loss. Everyone knows that you need to brush your child’s teeth 2 times a day. Some people remember about dental floss, but today we want to focus on something else.

No toothbrush or dental floss can clean your teeth as carefully and gently as a dentist. A professional hygiene procedure in a children’s clinic every 3 months is a guarantee of healthy baby teeth. If the child carries this habit with him throughout his life, then the matter may not come to treatment.

Amel Kids Children’s Clinic invites parents with children who have not been with a doctor for more than 3 months. We will carry out professional hygiene, diagnostics and consultation with an orthodontist in one go. In one visit, you will find out if everything is in order with the child’s teeth and gums, the orthodontist will tell you about the child’s bite and give recommendations, and the doctor will clean the teeth of stones and plaque.

Amel Dental Kids is a clinic with the best equipment and doctors that children are not afraid of. Come to us and see everything for yourself.

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