Extraction of teeth for children

Extraction of teeth for children
Extraction of milk teeth is an extreme measure, which is used when other methods of treatment do not bring the desired effect. This is a procedure that has some differences from similar manipulations in adult patients due to the structural features of the child’s dentition.

Extraction of milk teeth in children: main indications

Milk teeth begin to fall out at 5-6 years old, gradually giving way to permanent ones. And although tooth extraction is a rather unpopular measure, in some cases it cannot be avoided.

The indications for this may be:

  • Significant damage beyond repair.
  • Pathological root resorption more than 1/2 of the length.
  • Resorption in the furcation zone, intracanal resorption.
  • Vertical root thinning.
  • Resorption of the cortical plate of the permanent tooth follicle.
  • Physiological resorption 2/3 before tooth change.
  • Periodontitis of a milk tooth in non-contact children during treatment under general anesthesia.

Can I remove a milk tooth myself?

The decision to remove milk teeth should be made only after examining the oral cavity by a dentist, since, in addition to the main function they perform, their presence is one of the conditions for the full growth of bone tissue.

The bone tissue of the dentoalveolar apparatus is formed under mechanical stress. It is the milk teeth that provide the chewing load, which is one of the conditions for the normal development of bone tissue.

To remove a tooth from a child, the doctor uses a smaller forceps for children that do not injure soft tissue. They are loosely fixed so that excessive pressure does not split the tooth and damage the enamel. A new permanent tooth arises under the milk tooth, so all manipulations must be carried out with extreme caution. The procedure itself takes a little time, but it is equally important to monitor the child’s condition in the days following the removal.

What types of anesthesia are used to remove teeth

To remove a baby’s milk tooth without pain, effective and safe methods of anesthesia are used. Removal of the front milk teeth and any healthy milk teeth, the roots of which have already resolved, is performed using application anesthesia – an anesthetic gel is applied to the gum. The most widespread in pediatric dentistry is infiltration anesthesia – the drug is injected into the gums quickly and painlessly using the STA apparatus (the computer controls the dosage, injection accuracy, excludes penetration into the nerve endings, damage to the blood vessels).

Removal in drug sleep is carried out when there is a history of severe mental illness, acute inflammatory processes, an allergic reaction to local anesthetics. All drugs used for anesthesia are safe and well tolerated by children.

Extraction of milk teeth at Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro

All babies have to deal with the removal of milk teeth. At this age, it is very important to create conditions so that they have only positive associations with dentistry. For this, all methods are good that will distract them from medical manipulations and help them feel completely safe: cartoons, toys, a casual conversation with a doctor. To stop being afraid, you need to visit our clinic at least once – we do everything to make the child smile at all stages of our communication!

To make an appointment with a pediatric dentist at the Amel Dental Clinic, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), you can get a free consultation by calling the phones listed on the website, or by sending an application via one of the communication channels: Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, by e-mail. You can find out how much it costs to remove a baby tooth (the price depends on the complexity of the procedure, the anesthesia used), in the price list on the website or from our consultants by phone.

Price Extraction of teeth for children

Removal of a temporary tooth, physiological change500 UAH
Removal of a temporary tooth, complicated caries600 UAH
Extraction of teeth for children
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