The procedure, called tympanometry, is performed to identify pathologies and diseases of the middle ear. In the study, the reflection of sound vibrations from the tympanic membrane is analyzed and a diagnosis is made based on this data. The procedure can be prescribed for both adult patients and children.

Tympanometry at Amel Dental Clinic

In the clinic Amel Dental Clinic, located in Dnipro, according to the appointment of an otorhinolaryngologist, a tympanogram can be built based on the data obtained during tympanometry and its interpretation.

The tympanometry procedure itself can be prescribed in such cases:

  • Testing the functionality of the auditory tube
  • Measurement of acoustic pressure
  • Checking the tympanic membrane for damage and compliance
  • Testing the response of the ossicles
  • General screening for hearing impairment

Before checking the integrity of the tympanic membrane, the ENT at the Amel Clinic conducts a visual examination and, if necessary, cleans the ear canal of sulfur deposits or foreign objects. This is necessary for the correct receipt of those indications that tympanometry shows and their correct interpretation. Foreign objects and deposits reflect sound waves and distort data.

Then the doctor tells the patient about the rules that must be followed during the procedure:

  • 1
    Forbidden conversations
  • 2
    You can’t move, chew, swallow saliva

These actions can lead to data corruption, in such cases, the interpretation of tympanometry will show an incorrect result.

The procedure is carried out within 5-10 minutes and is painless and absolutely safe. The doctor inserts a special probe into the ear canal, the passage itself closes so as not to miss sounds. After that, the device is turned on, a sound of a certain frequency is generated and the sensors located on the probe collect the data. Tympanometry at the Amel Clinic is carried out using advanced equipment and is fully computerized, which allows you to check both the middle ear and the eardrum of the patient. The procedure is safe and can be performed even on newborn babies without fear of any complications.

Types of tympanograms

In the course of tympanometry, a sound of a certain frequency reflected from the eardrum is analyzed, which is recorded by a microphone and a tympanogram is compiled based on this data.

This is how tympanometry is deciphered, in which 3 types of results are determined:

  • Type A indicates that the tympanic membrane, middle ear, and ear bones are normal
  • Type B indicates a possible accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, the presence of perforation or scarring of the tympanic membrane, minor dysfunctions of the hearing aid
  • Type C indicates abnormal pressure in the middle ear and general dysfunction of the hearing aid

So, these tympanograms are necessary to diagnose the degree of disorders in the auditory tube and help the doctor establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment for pathology. At the Amel Dental Clinic, the decoding of tympanometry is accelerated through the use of modern computer programs by qualified specialists.

Ear impedance measurement – what is it and how is it done

A procedure such as impedance measurement consists of two tests that collect data – tympanometry and reflexometry. The first test is described in detail above, let’s dwell on reflexometry.

This procedure consists of exposing the cochlea to a powerful sound stimulus. Contraction of the ear muscle is a positive reflex. Thus, acoustic reflexometry allows you to determine a decrease in the level of hearing or diagnose the development of hearing loss in the early stages.

Ear impedance measurement at Amel Dental Clinic is an important part of the diagnosis of hearing aids and allows the doctor to determine the level of hearing loss in a patient. The procedure is safe and painless and can be prescribed at any age. There are also no contraindications to it.

Price: Tympanometry

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