Filling of children’s teeth

Filling of children’s teeth

There are several versions of the appearance of the term “baby teeth”. According to one of them, children’s teeth got this name due to the fact that they erupt during breastfeeding, on the other – this term was introduced by Hippocrates, who believed that they are “formed” from human milk. Of course, this is not so, but one thing is for sure – baby teeth need the close attention of parents and dentists. Caries in them develops very quickly, so filling children’s teeth is a mandatory procedure, and treating them on time means creating favorable conditions for the growth of permanent teeth and the development of the body as a whole.

It is very important not to miss the early manifestations of caries, therefore we recommend bringing the child for preventive examinations, starting from 1 year, and care from the first tooth.

Filling of milk teeth in children

If the caries is at the stage of a small stain, the treatment of milk teeth is not performed. In this case, the doctor will use a special remineralizing drug. This allows you to prevent further development of caries, strengthen and protect the tooth from decay.

Filling of milk teeth is performed in the event that a cavity has formed due to caries. The affected tissue is removed by the dentist, and a filling is placed on the treated area.

Caries treatment at Amel Dental Clinic is a painless procedure that we have made extremely comfortable for the baby. So that the child is not afraid of an appointment with the doctor, so that after a visit to the dentist in his memory, we have a large number of toys and cartoons in the clinic to distract the child from unpleasant thoughts. If it is not possible to establish contact with the child, we use sedation – a method that allows you to bring the child into a state of relaxation, calm him down and treat him without pain. To do this, the baby receives sevoran gas through the mask, which is able to remove even the most severe anxiety, but at the same time the child remains conscious.

If a permanent tooth should soon appear on the site of a badly destroyed temporary tooth, its treatment is considered inappropriate and the doctor performs the removal.

Why are milk teeth filled

The choice of a treatment program depends on the condition and individual characteristics of the little patient’s teeth:

  • To prevent their complete destruction. Milk teeth play an important role in the formation of a correct bite, they are important for the normal growth of bones, and their premature removal can lead to improper development of the dentoalveolar apparatus, which, in turn, is the cause of the formation of an incorrect bite, the development of gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders.
  • To prevent caries from affecting the rudiments of permanent teeth. Complicated caries, which spreads to the entire tooth, including the roots, increases the likelihood of infection in permanent teeth that have not yet erupted.
  • So that the child is confident in himself. Healthy white teeth are a very important factor in a child’s psychological comfort and self-confidence when communicating with peers.

Filling of anterior milk teeth

In addition to the main reasons, it is customary in pediatric dentistry to fill milk teeth for aesthetic purposes. The life of children is full of events – it is meeting new people, concerts, important performances, etc. The baby has enough tests, and he can only overcome them adequately if he is confident in himself.

In case of minor caries damage to milk teeth, the dentist will put a photopolymer filling, the color of which will not differ from the color of the enamel of the tooth itself. If the destruction is significant and the filling is not reliable enough, the doctor will install a crown.

Filling of milk teeth at Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro

We guarantee effective treatment in accordance with international standards with obligatory tooth isolation and strict adherence to the filling technology. All manipulations for the baby are painless – we use local anesthesia, supplemented by sedation if necessary.

After visiting our clinic, your child’s teeth will be functional and aesthetic, which is especially important when it comes to the front milk teeth. Smiling with Amel Dental Clinic is always more pleasant!

To make an appointment with a doctor at the dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), you can get a free consultation by calling the phone numbers listed on the website, or by sending an application via one of the communication channels: Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, by e-mail. You can find out the prices in the price list on the website or contact our consultants by phone.

Filling of children’s teeth
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