The child is afraid of the dentist: what to do?

A child of any age can be afraid of a dentist for very different reasons: he is afraid of doctors in white coats, pain, sounds of hogs, uncertainty, and our youngest patients still cannot explain what exactly they are afraid of. Therefore, pediatric dentistry should not only treat with high quality, but also find an approach to babies of all ages.

At the Amel Kids clinic for 2 years now, children are not afraid of dentists because:

  • Clothes and approach are not like a doctor’s.
  • We read picture books with children, watch cartoons, talk about what interests them.
  • After treatment, the parents say that the children do not even understand that the doctor was with them.

We do computer anesthesia. First, we apply a gel with a local anesthetic, then we anesthetize each tooth separately using a device similar to a ballpoint pen with a tube. So the baby does not feel pain either during the injection or during the procedures.

We use medication sleep (sedation) – it is harmless to the child and allows treatment of any complexity. So he inflated the balloon and played with the assistant, then fell asleep smoothly, and when he woke up, the tooth was already cured, and his mother was waiting next to him. There are no memories of fear, discomfort, and the child wakes up like after a normal sleep.

We run the Academy of Young Dentists every Saturday for free. Children can learn about the profession, feel like real dentists in one of our offices and have an examination together with our pediatrician. After the Academy, going to the doctor is not at all scary.

Take your child to the dentist if he hasn’t been there for over six months.

If you want the trip to be definitely useful and not scary at all – call us: +38 (067) 636 96 65.