Removal of dental plaque from implants

Removal of dental plaque from implants

If you do not follow the rules of oral hygiene, dental plaque forms on the enamel, which causes great damage to the health of teeth and gums. Dental implantation does not eliminate the need for thorough hygiene. Implants are even more susceptible to plaque and calculus formation. In the absence of high-quality independent and professional hygiene, this can lead to tissue inflammation, the development of peri-implantitis, and even implant rejection. Cleaning dental implants in dentistry 3-4 times a year is a mandatory element of dental care after implantation, the most effective prevention of gum disease and the best way to extend the life of implanted teeth.

Ameldental is a modern clinic with experienced specialists using the experience and effective methods of modern dentistry. Special attention is paid to the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity in our clinic.

Professional cleaning of implants: effective methods

Oral hygiene in a dental clinic prolongs the life of your implants. It is recommended to undergo the procedure at least 2-3 times a year. In the presence of bad habits, a physiological tendency to the formation of tartar, the doctor will prescribe a more dense individual schedule of dental cleaning of teeth.

Dentistry Ameldental uses the most effective and safest techniques of prof. hygiene of implant systems that cannot harm the implant. Safety and high quality services are provided by modern equipment and professionalism of our doctors.

Cleaning implants with ultrasound

The surface of the dental implants must remain perfectly smooth. Any mechanical damage (micro-scratches) accelerates the adhesion of dental plaque. Therefore, dental cleaning should be as delicate as possible.

One of the ways to remove calculus from the metal surface of the implant is ultrasonic cleaning. It allows you to thoroughly clean all elements of the system – implant, abutment and crown.

Features of the procedure:

  • 1
    using a special nozzle with a plastic tip;
  • 2
    equipment operation at minimum speed (gentle mode, safe for implants).

Preventive cleaning of dental implants with the AirFlow device

This is the fastest and safest way to remove plaque. In the case of post-implant hygiene, cleaning with the AirFlow apparatus is combined with ultrasonic cleaning. At the first stage, dental plaque is removed from the implant using ultrasound, and then the hygienist treats the implantation system with a special cleaning solution using the AirFlow method (spraying a solution of water, air and abrasive fine components in the oral cavity under pressure).

This way of hygiene:

  • 1
    does not cause discomfort and pain to the patient;
  • 2
    environmentally friendly and harmless;
  • 3
    allows cleaning in the most inconvenient and hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity;
  • 4
    helps to remove age spots on the surface of the teeth;
  • 5
    provides delicate polishing of the implant surfaces.

Amel Dental Clinic – dentistry, where you will find a European level of service, quality care and treatment, professional assistance in solving any dental problems. The cost of the clinic’s services, including the prices for professional oral hygiene services, you can see in the “Prices” section on our website. To make an appointment with a hygienist or other specialist, leave your contact information on the website page, and we will contact you to determine the time of your visit to the dentistry that is convenient for you.

Removal of dental plaque from implants
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