Loss of permanent teeth is not always an age-related problem. The need to insert a tooth or even perform total prosthetics can appear in people at any age, for example, when teeth are lost due to an illness or because of a serious injury.

Modern technologies of dental prosthetics make it possible to painless, quick replacement of removed or lost teeth and, accordingly, restore the functions of the chewing apparatus. And modern dental prostheses are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth, therefore dental prosthetics today is a real art of creating dazzlingly beautiful smiles. Amel Dental Clinic is a dental clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), where qualified specialists carry out prosthetics in compliance with world standards of modern orthopedic dentistry.

Types of dental prosthetics in Dnipro

We carry out:

  • 1
    Prosthetics of the anterior upper teeth. In this case, the cosmetic effect is important, because this is the smile zone that others see. We use the best materials from leading manufacturers in the world, new high-precision digital technologies for modeling and manufacturing dental prostheses and can offer you several options for aesthetic, functional replacement of lost anterior teeth.
  • 2
    Prosthetics of chewing teeth. This group has the greatest burden, so the main goal of the doctor is to restore functionality (the ability to chew) with the help of strong, reliable and aesthetic prostheses.
  • 3
    Installation of prostheses on the lower jaw, including in the absence of support, bone atrophy.
  • 4
    Prosthetics with complete loss of teeth, with partial adentia, replacement of one tooth.

Modern dentures: types and indications for installation

There are many methods of dental prosthetics. In Amel Dental Clinic, a prosthetist will diagnose, select the best option for restoring the dentition, taking into account the diagnosis and individual indications of the patient. It can be a removable prosthesis or a fixed orthopedic structure.

Fixed prosthetics

Relevant for replacing one or two teeth. Dentures are used as a prosthesis, which do not need to be removed during operation (microprostheses, prostheses on implants).

Installation indications:

  • severe caries damage;
  • insignificant bite defects;
  • irregular shape;
  • wedge-shaped effect;
  • mechanical damage (cracks and chips);
  • the gap between the teeth.

Implantation is used both with the loss of one tooth, in the absence of a group of teeth, and with total adentia.

Removable prosthetics

Removable dentures have indications for complete or significant loss of teeth, in cases where there are no conditions for prosthetics on implants:

  • poor condition of the remaining teeth (they cannot be used as a foundation for the installation of a fixed prosthesis);
  • unilateral adentia (absence of the entire chewing group on one side of the jaw);
  • complete absence of teeth;
  • periodontal tissue diseases.

Fixed dentures

  • 1
    Inlays are ideal for the reconstruction of the crown part of the tooth in case of trauma, serious damage. It is used as a material for aesthetic restoration and formation of a stump under a crown.
  • 2
    Veneers are the most common form of aesthetic prosthetics. It is especially often used in the restoration of the frontal group of teeth. Made from ceramics and zirconium dioxide. The advantages of veneers are natural appearance, strength, durability, absence of metal elements, high aesthetics.
  • 3
    Lumineers are an analogue of veneers, only even more subtle. Lumineers are mainly used for cosmetic purposes – to correct various defects (yellowness, enamel pigmentation, sensitivity).
  • 4
    Crowns – ideal for replacing molars with significant destruction of the coronal part of the tooth and the intact whole root.
  • 5
    Bridges are indicated when several units are lost in a row in the dentition. They are installed on the basis of healthy teeth.
  • 6
    Dentures on implants are the most complex, effective and durable type of prosthetics. It allows you to restore the dentition without a root.

How to put a denture on implants

An implant serves as a support for the artificial tooth, which is integrated into the bone tissue. While the implant takes root, we install a temporary construction. Thus, we exclude the negative psychological factor associated with prosthetics (the patient does not have to walk with a toothless mouth). In addition, we carry out one-step prosthetics (in one day), we use different techniques of prosthetics on implants for total jaw edentulousness (each tooth separately, ortho constructions for 4, 6 implants).

Removable dentures for teeth

  • 1
    Clasp prostheses – metal-ceramic orthoconstructions on attachments (on locks), on clasps (hooks) and on telescopic crowns. In some cases, implantation is performed before installing a removable prosthesis. The implants subsequently become the support for the bar structure.
  • 2
    Lamellar – plastic and nylon, are most often used for temporary prosthetics in case of partial and complete loss of teeth immediately after their extraction and during the healing of implants. Removable dentures for the entire jaw, without support, are fixed on the gums using suction cups and adhesive glue.

The best dental prosthetics in Dnipro

Amel Dental Clinic uses the latest digital technologies and high quality materials in the treatment and prosthetics of teeth.

In dental prosthetics we use:

  • dental tomograph is the most accurate and informative way of obtaining information for modeling ortho structures;
  • CAD / CAM system – a technology of computer-aided design, modeling and production of dental prostheses, which allows you to quickly and accurately create complex structures;
  • the most durable materials with improved aesthetic characteristics (high-quality ceramics, zirconia).

Our dentistry employs a whole team of experienced qualified specialists, so we solve the patient’s problem in a comprehensive manner (turnkey prosthetics):

  • we provide effective treatment of teeth and gums;
  • we carry out surgical preparation for prosthetics (restoration of bone tissue in case of atrophy of the jawbone, sinus lifting before installing the prosthesis on the upper jaw).

You can get acquainted with the prices for the clinic’s services on the website in the “prices” section. In the price list, prices for dental prosthetics are fixed, but the final cost of the service depends on the individual clinical picture – the condition of the tissues of the bone, gums, abutment teeth and other factors and is calculated based on the results of the diagnosis, after determining the treatment plan.

Sign up at Amel Dental Clinic for a comprehensive examination and consultation. And we guarantee that you will leave us with beautiful teeth, smiling happily.

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