Dental treatment in a dream

Dental treatment in a dream

Dentistry has reached such a level that many dental procedures are performed for the patient without pain and discomfort. However, in certain cases, for example, when removing teeth, filling root canals, treatment is possible only with the use of anesthesia. Modern anesthetics are highly effective and safe, however, it is not always possible to perform anesthesia with an injection, and sometimes local anesthesia is not enough for the patient to calmly undergo treatment in the dentist’s chair.

In recent years, sleep treatment (sedation) has become quite common. In Amel Dental Clinic (a modern dental clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), a special gas sevoran is used to immerse the patient in medication sleep, which is quickly excreted from the body through the lungs, does not contain narcotic substances, and is safe even for the smallest patients.

Dental treatment under anesthesia: indications for the use of anesthesia and sedation

Anesthesia and sedation are fundamentally different things. Anesthesia and anesthesia used in dentistry is the blocking of sensitivity in the area of treatment with the help of special anesthetic drugs that are injected. Sedation in dentistry is used as a sedative that helps a person to relax and immerses them in a sleep-like state. However, it is not a means of reducing sensitivity.

Indications for treatment with anesthesia:

  • extraction of permanent teeth, as well as wisdom teeth;
  • implantation;
  • treatment of deep caries and its complications (pulpitis, etc.);
  • tooth root apex resection;
  • bone reconstruction;
  • treatment of teeth with hypersensitivity.

There are a number of contraindications for the use of local anesthesia:

  • age up to 10 years;
  • allergy to substances contained in the anesthetic;
  • serious injury to the jaw, which led to a violation of the location of nerve endings, bone and soft tissue.

In such cases, the patient is prescribed dental treatment under medication sleep. In addition, the physician may apply sevoran if the patient is afraid even of being treated with anesthesia. If necessary, sedation is used in combination with local anesthesia.

Dentistry under sedation: the benefits of sleep treatment

  • The patient does not hear how the drill works, does not feel the taste of drugs and does not experience pain or discomfort.
  • With sedation, you can perform caries treatment on several teeth at once.
  • Recovery from sedation is quick and easy, in contrast to general anesthesia and local anesthesia.

Dental treatment with sevoran is suitable for adults with an ingrained fear of the drill and dentist. Carrying out treatment in a dream is useful for impressionable children, so that they do not have an unpleasant impression of visiting dentistry.

Sedation in dentistry Amel Dental Clinic

In our clinic:

  • 1
    the best specialists work, who possess modern and effective methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases;
  • 2
    the safest and most effective painless treatments are used, including certified anesthetics and sedation with sevoran;
  • 3
    you get the best result with a guarantee;
  • 4
    the most favorable combination of price and quality of dental services.

You can get a consultation at Amel Dental Clinic by appointment. To make an appointment with our specialist, fill out the form on the clinic’s website. The cost of the consultation, in addition to the standard examination, also includes a gum examination. The doctor will determine the treatment plan, the need for anesthesia or sedation based on the results of a diagnostic examination.

Price: Dental treatment in a dream

Sedation sevoran/diprivan up to 1 hour4 000 UAH
Sedation sevoran/diprivan up to 1,5 hours5 000 UAH
Sedation sevoran/diprivan, additional 1 hour2 000 UAH
Sedation sevoran/diprivan, additional 1 hour
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