Pulpitis treatment

Pulpitis treatment

It is believed that toothache is the most painful and difficult to bear. Sharp, piercing outbreaks of pain cause a person to immediately call the dentist at any time of the day or night. The most likely cause of this problem is pulpitis.

Pulpitis treatment is one of the tasks of therapeutic dentistry. Amel Dental Clinic is a dental clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), where you can turn for help in case of acute pain and get high-quality painless pulpitis treatment 7 days a week. Our clinic employs qualified specialists who will conduct an examination and hardware diagnostics, accurately determine the location, nature and degree of inflammation, and offer the most effective methods of treatment.

But it is better not to wait until the situation becomes critical, but to visit the dentist every 3-4 months. The experience of the doctors of our clinic and modern methods of digital diagnostics will help to identify the focus of inflammation at an early stage, which will greatly simplify the treatment and help you keep your teeth healthy.

Pulpitis – causes and negative consequences

Pulpitis is an inflammation of the pulp (a bundle located at the bottom of the tooth, consisting of small blood vessels, nerve endings). The main cause of pulpitis is rapidly developing or advanced caries. When the infection affects most of the dental tissue, it reaches the pulp, damaging the nerves and blood vessels. As a result, the patient feels an acute toothache.

Other causes of the disease:

  • 1
    poor-quality therapeutic treatment (use of low-quality materials for filling, improper grinding of a tooth, injury to a nerve during treatment);
  • 2
    exposure to chemicals used in dentistry (composite, antiseptic, acid).

If you do not treat pulpitis, but try to drown out the pain with pills, this can have very serious consequences: tooth loss, infection of soft tissues, periostitis (damage to the peri-maxillary tissue), abscess, purulent damage to the bone marrow, sepsis and disruption of the internal organs due to poisoning with toxic waste products pathogenic bacteria.

Do not postpone the treatment of caries and pulpitis indefinitely. At Amel Dental Clinic, by appointment, you will receive qualified specialist advice and effective, prompt treatment. We use safe types of anesthesia that make the treatment painless.

Pulpitis: treatment of various forms of the disease

Pulpitis is easy to recognize by the following symptoms:

  • shooting sharp pain that does not stop for days, weeks;
  • sharp and prolonged pain while eating sweet, cold, hot food (with chronic pulpitis, the pain becomes less intense, aching);
  • clear signs of caries on the tooth enamel (dark carious spot);
  • the appearance of bad breath.

Symptoms appear according to the type of inflammation.

In dentistry, there are three stages of pulpitis:

  • serous – the primary stage, when inflammation develops without the formation of pus;
  • acute focal – in the part of the pulp located in the crown of the tooth, pus appears;
  • diffuse – the infection penetrates deeply and affects the root of the pulp.

If you start diffuse pulpitis, it transforms into a chronic form, which in turn also has several forms:

  • fibrous – with the formation of a large carious cavity;
  • hypertrophic – characterized by the fusion of the dental and carious cavities, the formation of a polyp from the connective tissue;
  • gangrenous – the pulp disintegrates, a putrid odor from the mouth appears;
  • aggravated – accompanied by bouts of pain, the risk of bone damage increases, periodontitis may develop.

Pulpitis treatment methods at Amel Dental Clinic

In the serous and acute stage of inflammation, treatment is possible without removing the nerve. In this case, the doctor performs tissue sanitation with disinfectants, caries treatment and tooth restoration (filling, restoration).

With a purulent, root lesion of the pulp, endodontic treatment is recommended, which takes place in several stages:

  • 1
    X-ray diagnostics (to determine the nature of inflammation, study the structure of root canals);
  • 2
    removal of tissues affected by caries;
  • 3
  • 4
    thorough cleaning of root canals;
  • 5
    disinfection of tissues;
  • 6
    filling of canals;
  • 7
    tooth restoration.

Amel Dental Clinic uses treatment methods that can effectively treat pulpitis at different stages, perform endodontic treatment of a complex three-canal tooth, including wisdom teeth.

In our clinic:

  • 1
    we treat without pain and complications;
  • 2
    we take care of every patient, including patients with special needs;
  • 3
    we use advanced methods of treatment and diagnostics.

However, the most effective method of maintaining dental health is prevention. The specialists of Amel Dental Clinic invite you to undergo a preventive examination, to do professional oral hygiene every 3-4 months. The cost of consultation and preventive procedures is much lower than the price that will have to be paid in case of development of purulent or hypertrophic pulpitis.

Price: Pulpitis treatment

Primary root canal treatment under a microscope, 1 canalfrom 7 000 UAH
Primary root canal treatment under a microscope, 1 canal
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