Implant prosthetics

Implant prosthetics

Unfortunately, a new one does not grow in place of a lost permanent tooth. Therefore, even in ancient times, people were looking for ways to compensate for this imperfection of the human body. In the name of health and comfort, many options have been invented to replace lost teeth. A huge step in orthopedic dentistry was the invention of the technology of prosthetics on implants, which became possible due to the improvement of dental equipment and the discovery of the unique properties of some materials.

Dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) carries out the whole range of activities, which involves dental prosthetics on implants. The service includes preparation of the site for prosthetics and augmentation of bone tissue (if necessary), production of prostheses in accordance with the patient’s anatomical features, as well as the installation of an implant and a crown.

What is and when is dental prosthetics on implants needed?

Dentures on implants are installed in the following order:

  • 1
    Installation of a titanium implant.
  • 2
    Installing the healing abutment.
  • 3
    Placement of the abutment – an element of the implant located above the gum, designed to connect the rod to the crown.
  • 4
    Installation of the crown.

When is an implant-supported denture recommended?

  • With a single loss of teeth.
  • In the absence of several teeth that are not adjacent to each other (located through one or in different sides of the jaw).
  • Due to the complete loss of the dentition.
  • In case of intolerance, allergy to removable dentures.

Prosthetics on implants at Amel Dental Clinic: prosthetics techniques

There are two technologies used in dentistry:

Express method – all stages of prosthetics in one visit to the dentist. It is possible only if the implantation is carried out immediately after the extraction of the tooth. This is a necessary condition for the titanium implant to take root well. In case of emergency prosthetics, the crown is fixed on the implant immediately after its installation, without delay for engraftment.

The traditional method involves a break between the installation of a titanium implant and a crown up to six months. This time is necessary for the effective integration of the implant into the bone.

Modern dentures on implants: the most popular types and their advantages

Telescopic prostheses

Amel Dental Clinic is not carried out, however, such a variant of prosthetics exists in modern dentistry, and we will dwell on it in detail. Application – complete edentulous jaw. The prosthetic construction is designed to fit the entire dentition. To fix it on the jaw, there is no need to install implants under each crown. For telescopic prosthetics, two methods of fixation are used: on 4 and 6 pins. Prosthetics on 4 implants is applicable for minor atrophy of bone tissue. The load is evenly distributed between all support points.

Prosthetics on 6 implants has fewer complications, since it creates more points of support for the prosthesis, provides a more uniform load on the jaw, and prevents further bone atrophy. In telescopic prostheses, metal-ceramic crowns are used, but Amel Dental Clinic does not work with metal-ceramic. We use zirconium in all types of prosthetics.

Telescopic dental prosthetics on implants:

  • the convenience of the denture design;
  • an economical option of prosthetics in comparison with prosthetics on the implant of each tooth separately;
  • strong wear-resistant material, durable crowns.


The Multi-Unit is a versatile abutment. It is suitable for placing a prosthesis on an implant, even if the latter was not installed at a right angle. The scope of application of multi-units is prosthetics on 4 or 6 points of support with total dentition edentulous.

The peculiarity of using multi-units is that screw fixation (conditionally removable system) is used for a firm fit of the prosthesis, and cement is not used in such constructions.

This method of fixation provides the orthopedic design:

  • optimization of the load on each implant;
  • long service life;
  • simple hygienic care;
  • attractive appearance;
  • the possibility of simultaneous implantation.

Multi-unit advantages:

  • the ability to adjust the angle of inclination of the installed implant;
  • easy and quick installation of the abutment;
  • high accuracy of modeling and manufacturing of orthoconstructions regardless of the method (according to the classical technique or using CAD / CAM technologies).

Removable prosthetics – clasp prostheses

Clasp prostheses on implants are used if there are no teeth in the dentition that can be a support. The doctor places telescopic crowns on which the prosthesis will cling in the future.

Clasp prosthetics on implants in the absence of teeth has a number of advantages:

  • fastening reliability;
  • versatility (suitable for the lower and upper jaw);
  • endurance to large chewing loads;
  • wearing comfort;
  • low price.

Fixed prosthetics on implants


This method of prosthetics on implants is used to restore the dentition, if several adjacent teeth are missing (from 3 units). Instead of teeth for support, implants with an abutment are used, which are installed in the roots of the missing extreme teeth of the prosthetic area.

Crowns for such orthopedic constructions are made of zirconium and cermets.

Pros of bridges:

  • they are practically eternal;
  • attractive appearance;
  • budget option for replacing several teeth;
  • strength of crowns;
  • lack of discomfort, discomfort when wearing.

Single crowns on implants

The implant fully replaces the root. Modern crowns made of aesthetic durable materials, designed and manufactured taking into account all the peculiarities of the patient’s jaw structure, are a complete replacement for a real tooth. Thus, single prosthetics is the most physiologically correct and reliable way to reconstruct the dentition.

Single prostheses look the most natural, prevent destructive processes in the bone tissue, and therefore serve for decades.

Dental prosthetics on implants at Amel Dental Clinic

All types of prosthetics are carried out in Amel Dental Clinic (Dnipro). Our specialists make dentures of any complexity, and digital equipment of the latest development helps them in this.

Now, even with a complete loss of teeth, you do not need a denture. Make an appointment with an orthopedic dentist at Amel Dental Clinic and he will find a way to restore your beautiful radiant smile.

Price: Implant prosthetics

Процедура Price
Implantation Bauer’s, Ukraine 6 800 UAH
Implantation Straumann BLT/TL/Standart Plus SLA, Switzerland 27 800 UAH
Implantation Nobel Replace/Parallel, Sweden 30 800 UAH
Implantation Straumann SLA Active/BLX, Switzerland 35 200 UAH
Installation of implant Bauer’s, Ukraine + zirconium crown with screw fixation 15 000 UAH
Installation of an implant Bauers, Ukraine + zirconium crown with cement fixation 12 000 UAH
Installation of an implant Bauers, Ukraine + zirconium crown with cement fixation
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