Professional oral hygiene

Professional oral hygiene

Professional dental cleaning is a set of procedures that are carried out in dentistry using a new generation ultrasonic scaler, an innovative method of Air-Flow hygiene and professional products. Its tasks are oral hygiene and prevention of common dental diseases.

After eating, a favorable environment for microorganisms is formed in the mouth, and bacteria are the main culprit of caries, periodontitis, dental plaque, inflammation and infection in the oral cavity. Home daily hygiene procedures with toothbrush and paste cannot provide 24/7 tooth protection. Moreover, they do not solve the problem of pigmentation from coloring products and smoking, tartar. Professional hygienic cleaning of teeth in Amel Dental Clinic dentistry will allow you to preserve the health of your teeth, protect them from caries and other diseases and give you a flawless smile.

What is the benefit of oral hygiene in dentistry?

Brushing your teeth in dentistry is useful because it makes it possible to clean the oral cavity even in those areas where brushes, dental floss and other hygiene items are ineffective.

Professional oral hygiene:

  • 1
    Eliminates plaque or tartar.
  • 2
    Cleans the fissures of the posterior teeth.
  • 3
    Cleans gum pockets at the base of the teeth and in between them.
  • 4
    Removes plaque on the upper jaw in the buccal region, where brushing with a toothbrush is very difficult.
  • 5
    Eliminates stains on enamel, formed from coffee, strong tea, persistent plaque in smokers.
  • 6
    Makes teeth smooth, restores their natural light shade.
  • 7
    Provides protection against caries, as it eliminates bacteria even in hard-to-reach places.

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is just as important as looking after your body. To do this, you need to devote 3 minutes to oral hygiene in the morning and in the evening every day and only once every 3-4 months spend 30-50 minutes on professional teeth cleaning in the dentist’s chair at the Amel Dental Clinic (Dnepropetrovsk).

Professional dental cleaning methods in dentistry

1. Ultrasonic cleaning of dental calculus

The procedure includes 2 stages:

  • cleaning teeth with ultrasound;
  • polishing to smooth enamel (a professional toothbrush and special pastes help to achieve the desired result).

Benefits of ultrasound cleaning:

  • effective removal of tartar and plaque;
  • is an effective preventive measure against caries, gum disease;
  • has an affordable cost.

This method is not suitable for frequent use, since with systematic stress on the enamel, microdamages can form.

2. Complex cleaning of teeth with the AirFlow device

This is the safest and most popular occupational hygiene method, which is used in dentistry for polishing and cleaning from plaque. For the hygienic procedure, the dentist uses the AirFlow apparatus, which has two channels for supplying air and water under pressure with an abrasive component. Calcium or glycine is used as an abrasive, which do not cause allergies.


  • a procedure that is safe for tooth enamel and not traumatic for the gums;
  • cleaning plaque without pain and discomfort;
  • removal of stains on the enamel formed from coffee, strong tea, smoking tobacco, delicate bleaching;
  • fight against infectious microflora;
  • prevention of plaque and tartar formation in the future;
  • prevention of caries and other infections of the oral cavity;
  • versatility of the method (suitable for brushing teeth with braces, pregnant women, children, nursing mothers).

Professional teeth cleaning in Dnipro

In the dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic (Dnipro), the dentist applies various methods of professional oral hygiene. The doctor prescribes the cleaning method based on the results of the initial examination of the patient.

Oral hygiene in dentistry Amel Dental Clinic is:

  • sterility and safety;
  • application of modern technologies of professional hygiene;
  • cleaning with professional products;
  • еuropean service standards.

Price: Professional oral hygiene

Процедура Price
Repeated professional oral hygiene 1 800 UAH
Repeated professional oral hygiene
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