Professional hygiene with Amel Dental

Dental health begins with proper hygiene. To keep your smile beautiful, you need not only proper care, but also periodic occupational hygiene, and the Amel Dental clinic will become a faithful assistant in this. We all remember well that in the morning and in the evening we need to devote a couple of minutes to thoroughly cleaning the oral cavity with a toothbrush and floss. But not everyone is used to regular professional cleaning by a doctor.

What is dental plaque and why is professional hygiene needed?

Soft plaque constantly accumulates on the teeth, consisting of food debris, epithelial cells, microorganisms and their waste products. There are about 25,000 species of microorganisms in the human mouth. According to some reports, from 400 to 1000 species can be present in the composition of the plaque. Deposits appear no matter how well you brush your teeth. If you ignore brushing and toothpaste brushing, the soft plaque will harden after about 48 hours and turn into tartar after 10 days. In the future, this will lead to tooth decay, gum inflammation and the occurrence of other diseases.

Professional hygiene is performed exclusively by a dentist. It helps to remove hardened deposits, remove tartar and strengthen tooth enamel. As a pleasant bonus, the patient receives a brighter and more attractive smile, since the enamel color becomes lighter after the procedure. This is due to the removal of dark plaque, which gradually appears from smoking, the use of coloring products, black tea, coffee.

Who will benefit from the procedure?

It is relevant for everyone, including children and adults. Thanks to it, you keep your teeth healthy and protect them from numerous diseases.

Professional cleaning is shown:

  • before starting dental treatment;
  • before surgical operations in the oral cavity;
  • patients with braces;
  • those who have crowns, dentures;
  • those who have various occlusion pathologies, crowding of teeth;
  • pregnant women.

Why is it profitable to do professional hygiene at Amel Dental?

The clinic offers a quick and painless solution to the problem. Even if you have high sensitivity, you will not feel any discomfort. In the armchair of our specialist you will feel comfortable and relaxed. And the result of the procedure will be a flawless radiant smile. In the Air-Flow cleaning process, we use calcium, not soda. This is a more gentle method not only for the gums, but also for the surface of the teeth.

Cleaning takes place in several stages:

  • removal of dental calculus with an ultrasonic scaler;
  • removal of pigment stains and deposits using Air-Flow;
  • polishing with fluoride paste, which helps to strengthen the enamel;
  • treatment of periodontal pockets and gums.

After that, within 2 hours, you should avoid coloring food (carrots, beets). It is also recommended to temporarily limit the use of coffee, black tea, red wine, drinks with dyes, juices. It is advisable to exclude foods that increase sensitivity.

Brush about every 6 months to keep your teeth healthy. According to the indications, it can be carried out more often, it will not harm the teeth. Our experts will do their best to make you happy with the result.