Tooth cyst treatment

Tooth cyst treatment

Cyst refers to those diseases that in the early stages of development may not manifest themselves in any way. It is a capsule that is formed as a defense reaction of the body in order to protect the dental roots from infections. It can be detected using X-ray diagnostics, and one of the symptoms may be a sudden onset of toothache. Amel Dental Clinic offers painless tooth cyst removal in Dnipro, but first we will tell you about this simple and painless procedure in more detail.

Symptoms of a cyst in the early stages may be absent, so you need to undergo regular diagnostics. With a decrease in immunity, for example, during a cold, purulent inflammation can develop in the cyst cavity. In this case, the patient has acute pain, weakness, swelling of the gums, and fever. These symptoms require immediate medical attention.

Causes of development and symptoms of cysts

A radicular cyst (inflammation at the apex of the root) has no symptoms for a long time and does not affect the appearance of the teeth. In the later stages, a cyst can cause quite serious problems, for example, the loss of one to five teeth, and you can protect yourself from this only by timely seeking dental care.

The etiology of the disease is very diverse, and it is rather difficult to say exactly what triggered its development.

However, the main causes of cysts can be identified:

  • Poor treatment quality. A cyst is very often formed due to an infection that remains as a result of poor-quality treatment.
  • The defeat of the teeth by caries. The presence of caries does not necessarily lead to the formation of a basal cyst, however, very often when a cyst is detected, significant carious lesions of the teeth are recorded.
  • The presence of other diseases. These include pulp inflammation, periodontal disease. Very often, a cyst is found in children with complications of tooth growth.

Consequences of a neglected cyst:

  • loss of a tooth;
  • inflammatory processes in soft tissues (periostitis, phlegmon, abscess, etc.);
  • the appearance or further aggravation of sinusitis, inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • blood poisoning, in some cases fractures of the jaw are possible.

Cyst development stages

The only reliable way to diagnose a cyst on the tooth root is a panoramic image. That is why, once every six months, we recommend that you undergo not only examinations, but also X-ray diagnostics.

As a rule, we are contacted at the later stages of cyst development, when its symptoms are already obvious. Even so, we will fight to save the tooth. Treatment methods and their effectiveness depend on the size of the cyst.

There are three stages of its development:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Tooth cyst treatment

We use gentle techniques that allow us to treat a cyst without removing a tooth (including a wisdom tooth). Therapeutic treatment is effective in the early stages of the development of education, when the size of the cyst does not exceed 8 mm.

The main stages of therapy:

  • dental canals are washed with an antiseptic preparation;
  • removal of pus and fluid;
  • the use of drugs that destroy bacteria and destroy the cyst membrane;
  • laying of a paste that restores jaw tissue;
  • canal filling;
  • control X-ray diagnostics in six months.

The method of treatment, depophoresis, is very effective. During the procedure, calcium hydroxide is introduced into the canal, after which current discharges are applied to the mixture. The medicine remains in the canal even after filling, which ensures long-term protection of tissues from microbes.

There are several ways to remove a tooth cyst: partial tooth extraction, complete tooth extraction with a cyst, or several molars with a cyst.

To save a tooth, we perform the following operations:

  • Hemisection. Removal of one of the roots together with the upper part of the tooth. The easiest way to remove the formation, but after that you will need to install a crown.
  • Root apex resection. Removal of education with part of the root. It is most often used to treat single-root anterior teeth. Gentle and fast procedure.
  • Removing the root. The formation is removed along with the affected part of the tooth.
  • Cystotomy (cystectomy). A procedure that allows you to remove a cyst without removing the tooth itself. It is used with a significant increase in the cyst – over 8 mm. For this purpose, an incision is made in the gums, pus is removed, and a medicine is applied. The patient undergoes therapeutic treatment, including taking antibiotics, rinsing with antiseptics. Very often, cystotomy is used for a cyst that can spread to one or two teeth. Also, using this method, the cyst of the upper jaw tooth is removed when the cyst has affected the palate and the bone bottom.

Another method of dealing with such neoplasms has appeared in the arsenal of dentists – laser tooth cyst removal. Compared to surgical intervention, this is a more gentle procedure, the advantages of which are the complete absence of pain, pinpoint exposure, quick healing, no risk of further infection.

Laser removal of a cyst on the gum for a patient is practically no different from a filling procedure.

Preliminary diagnostics makes it possible to establish the possibility of using a laser, and the removal of the formation itself occurs as follows:

  • 1
    the dentist opens and expands the canal;
  • 2
    a tube with a radiator at the end is inserted into the channel;
  • 3
    the laser disinfects the area with the cyst and dries the cavity;
  • 4
    the canal is filled with an antibacterial agent and sealed, after which the tooth is restored.

Rehabilitation after cyst removal

In the postoperative period, spicy, sour and overly salty foods should be excluded from the diet. Food should not be too hot or cold. Oral hygiene is a prerequisite for speedy recovery and elimination of complications. Full recovery takes about a month.

Removal of cysts in Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk)

Any surgical manipulations in our dental clinic are performed under local anesthesia, and if necessary, we use sedation, which allows you to get rid of the fear of visiting the dental office. We guarantee complete anesthesia and compliance of all performed procedures with the highest standards in the field of dentistry. The cost of removing the cyst depends on the complexity of the procedure, additional services.

You can make an appointment with a doctor by filling out an application on the website of the Amel Dental Clinic, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk). You can get a free consultation using contact numbers or through one of the communication channels: Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, by e-mail. You can find out the prices in the price list on the website or from our managers by phone.

Tooth cyst treatment
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