Curettage of periodontal pockets

Curettage of periodontal pockets

Dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic in Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk) is a digital dentistry center. Patient safety, introduction of the latest dental technologies for the development of a qualitatively new level of dentistry in Ukraine, raising standards in treatment and prevention is our main goal. One of the methods of prevention of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, which is used by the doctors of the clinic, is the curettage of the teeth.

What is gum and teeth curettage?

Periodontal pocket curettage is a dental surgical procedure in which the doctor cleanses the enamel of the teeth in the area under the gum. The periodontal pocket is the space between the gum and the tooth root that forms when the gums are inflamed. Bacteria and food debris enter the formed gap, plaque appears on the enamel surface, which is then converted into tartar. Under these conditions, gum disease is inevitable.

The doctor’s tasks in the curettage process are: removal of food debris, excision of affected tissues, removal of calculus, cleansing of periodontal pockets – areas that are not available for standard cleaning methods. The main purpose of curettage is therapeutic and prophylactic.

When do you need to clean your gum pockets?

Curettage is a necessary procedure in the treatment of diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis. These diseases are characterized by inflammation of periodontal tissues, dental plaque, gum motility and enlargement of the gingival pocket.

Curettage may also be required if the following factors are present:

  • food particles constantly get stuck between the teeth and cause unpleasant sensations;
  • gums bleed when subjected to mechanical stress (chewing solid food, brushing teeth);
  • there is looseness and redness of the gums;
  • the gap between the gums and teeth became deep, the tooth root was exposed;
  • it became unpleasant or painful to chew;
  • hard deposits on the tooth enamel are clearly visible.

If you are faced with one of the listed problems, make an appointment with a dentist at Amel Dental Clinic. Based on the examination results, the doctor will prescribe curettage for you in the most effective, painless way, taking into account individual indications.

Teeth curettage: methods for cleaning periodontal pockets

Amel Dental Clinic uses the following methods for hygiene of periodontal pockets:

  • 1
    Closed curettage of one tooth or segment.
  • 2
    Laser curettage.

The indication for closed curettage is a small depth of the gingival pocket (up to 5 mm). The peculiarity of the operation is the absence of an incision. The procedure is performed using local anesthesia. The purpose of the manipulation is to remove the source of inflammation, restore gum tissue.

Closed curettage is performed in several stages:

  • inspection and diagnostics;
  • anesthesia;
  • cleaning a pocket with a special tool;
  • enamel polishing.

Open curettage is indicated for patients if the depth of the gingival pockets is more than 5 mm (when closed curettage is not effective). In this case, in order to provide access to the periodontal tissues, a gum incision is required in the space between the teeth.

The operation is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • inspection by a specialized specialist;
  • the introduction of anesthetic;
  • making an incision;
  • removal of the focus of infection;
  • treatment of the wound surface with special preparations that promote rapid tissue regeneration;
  • suturing.

If the incision also does not open access to the area where plaque needs to be removed, then the soft tissue flap technique is used to open access to the dental root. After cleaning, to fix the gum flaps, the doctor applies a special bandage at the operation site. The flap incision method is also used when it is necessary to reconstruct the destroyed bone tissue.

Laser curettage of teeth at Amel Dental Clinic

Along with traditional methods, our clinic performs laser cleaning and sterilization of the periodontal pocket (s).

Laser technology is used as a gentle alternative to open curettage and has several advantages:

  • 1
    practically bloodless procedure, as the laser beam cuts and immediately “seals” the prepared tissue;
  • 2
    no risk of infection – laser curettage simultaneously cleans and disinfects tissues;
  • 3
    fast healing (after laser treatment, better adhesion of mucous membranes to bone tissue is observed).

After the curettage, the doctor gives the patient instructions on oral hygiene, which must be followed exactly.

Vector therapy

Vector is a well-known technology for treating periodontal pockets using ultrasound.

The advantages of this technology:

  • effective removal of dental plaque, affected tissues and pathogens;
  • delicate processing, does not injure tooth enamel;
  • lack of painful sensations.

Amel Dental Clinic does not use this technique.

Contraindications for curettage

The procedure is not performed if:

  • at the moment the patient is sick with acute respiratory infections or acute respiratory viral infections;
  • there is a fibrotic gum disease;
  • at the stage of purulent inflammation in the periodontal tissues;
  • at 3 and 4 stages of tooth mobility;
  • with infectious inflammation of the mucous membrane in the oral cavity.

Dental prophylaxis and treatment in dentistry Amel Dental Clinic

When contacting the dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic, you can count on the entire range of dental services. Our clinic employs experienced, qualified periodontists who are proficient in various techniques for cleaning periodontal pockets.

In addition, at Amel Dental Clinic:

  • 1
    we do everything to ensure that the treatment is pain-free and stress-free;
  • 2
    we take care of our clients and take into account the special needs of each patient;
  • 3
    we use modern diagnostic methods that allow us to accurately determine the condition of the teeth and gums and draw up an optimal treatment plan.

The cost of the curettage procedure is formed in accordance with factors such as the method of processing, how many pockets need to be cleaned. The sooner you see a periodontist, the easier it will be to solve your gum problem. Sign up for a consultation with a specialized specialist, and he will prescribe the most suitable method for curettage of your teeth. The consultation price includes examination and PSR diagnostics of the gums.

Price: Curettage of periodontal pockets

Closed curettage in the area of the 1st segment1 000 UAH
Closed curettage of the 1st tooth450 UAH
Closed curettage of the 1st tooth
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