Amel Dental Clinic has a pediatrician who can be contacted in Dnipro for consultations, examinations of children under 18 years of age, and where a child can be safely vaccinated.

A pediatrician is a general practitioner who, by the nature of his work, is obliged to orient himself in all areas of medicine. It is this doctor who coordinates the treatment of children, prescribes consultations with highly specialized doctors, and gives directions for diagnostic tests if necessary.

Pediatrician services in Dnipro

The services of a pediatrician include:

  • Reception of patients for consultation and examination.
  • Monitoring the development of a child from birth to 18 years of age.
  • Drawing up recommendations for proper nutrition of children and adolescents during development.
  • Referral for laboratory research and interpretation of their results, if necessary.
  • Appointment of additional consultations with specialized specialists.

The services of a private pediatrician in Dnipro, which can be obtained at the Amel clinic, are child care from the very first appointment. The pediatrician takes responsibility for the health of the little patient and his all-round development. This consists not only in prescribing medications or diagnostic procedures, but also in guaranteeing their safety for the child.

The pediatrician issues the necessary documents to educational institutions, conducts a medical examination of the child before entering kindergarten or school, as well as permits for attending sports training.

At the Amel Clinic, the pediatrician not only signs a paper with permission, but also carefully checks the child’s health. This is very important, since a qualitative examination may reveal one reason or another for prohibiting attending workouts, which will help to avoid possible health complications.

In addition, the pediatrician’s services include advice on vaccination of children and the conduct of such procedures. There are several vaccinations that must be prescribed to a child under Ukrainian law: against tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, hepatitis, tuberculosis, measles, rubella and other dangerous diseases.

The clinic conducts such vaccinations of children as Vaxigripp, Varilrix and Prevenar 13 – vaccines against pneumococcal infection.

If there is a need to vaccinate a child in Dnipro, you can contact Amel Dental Clinic, where a pediatrician will prescribe a vaccine. The doctors of our clinic act strictly according to the rules, therefore, before the vaccination, the child will be carefully examined and his medical history studied. Before the vaccination itself, the doctor will once again examine the little patient, measure the temperature, and only after making sure that he is completely healthy will he vaccinate.

What does a pediatrician patient get at Amel Dental Clinic

For children, the Amel clinic has created excellent conditions both while waiting for an appointment and during an examination with a doctor. Our pediatricians do everything to ensure that the child not only does not receive psychological trauma from the visit, but also leaves the clinic with a smile on his face.

In addition, our doctors will be in touch on weekdays by phone or via Internet communication. In emergencies, you can see a doctor on weekends.

The reason for contacting a doctor may be:

  • Elevated temperature.
  • Upset stomach and intestinal tract, vomiting, abdominal pain.
  • Sleep disturbance, general loss of strength.
  • Rash on the body.
  • Other deviations in the well-being or development of the child.

During the appointment, the parents will have the opportunity to undress the little patient, feed, and other hygienic procedures. The clinic maintains sterility and constant air temperature.

The entire document flow in the clinic is computerized, therefore, the search for a patient’s personal card takes a few seconds.

Price: Pediatrics

Процедура Price
Initial consultation with a pediatrician 600 UAH
Repeated pediatrician consultation 500 UAH
Vaccination Vaxigripp – against flu 900 UAH
Vaccination Varilrix – against chickenpox 1 500 UAH
Vaccination Prevenar 13 – against pneumococcal infection 3 100 UAH
Vaccination Prevenar 13 – against pneumococcal infection
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