Dental treatment in pregnant women with periodontal disease

Dental treatment in pregnant women with periodontal disease

Dentistry Ameldental in Dnipro, in addition to the classical treatment of teeth and diseases of the oral cavity, offers such a procedure as the treatment of periodontal disease during pregnancy, which has its own characteristics due to the position of the patient.

During pregnancy, changes in hormonal changes in the mother’s body, as well as possible disturbances in the blood supply to the gums, can lead to gingivitis. If this disease is not stopped at an early stage, then it can develop into a more severe one – periodontitis, which is a factor affecting the overall health of the mother and child.

Diagnosis of periodontal disease in pregnant women

Visiting the dentist during pregnancy is an important factor in maintaining dental health. Timely diagnosis of the disease at an early stage speeds up the treatment process and avoids an increase in the risk to the health of the mother and fetus. A combination such as periodontal disease and pregnancy can lead to premature birth, impaired fetal development and an increased risk of miscarriage.

It is also important to determine whether the disease is gingivitis, which is common in women during pregnancy, or periodontitis, which is a complication of gingivitis.

Signs of gingivitis are:

  • The appearance of microbial plaque.
  • Bleeding when chewing food or brushing teeth.
  • Irritation of the gums with possible redness.
  • During pregnancy, a change in the gingival margin is possible.

Periodontitis has the same symptoms, but with some differences:

  • The appearance of periodontal pockets.
  • Destruction of bone tissue.
  • The emergence of tooth mobility.
  • Exposure of teeth.

For a high-quality diagnosis, it is necessary to take an X-ray, however, during pregnancy, this procedure is not prescribed, if possible, as it can harm the child. If necessary, the picture is taken with all necessary precautions with a narrow beam.

Treatment of periodontal disease in pregnant women

The main difference between the treatment of periodontal disease in pregnant women is that the doctors of the Ameldental clinic recommend that it be carried out in the second trimester of pregnancy, since it is during this period that the fetus is in a stable state and the risk of complications is minimal.

In general, treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes of periodontitis, such as hard plaque and microbial deposits. Without a comprehensive cleaning of deposits, further treatment will only give a temporary result and its cost may increase.

After cleaning, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory therapy based on the individual characteristics of the patient. It is not recommended to purchase gels and ointments on your own, you must follow the instructions of the dentist, since some gels are unacceptable to use in early pregnancy.

There are several procedures that dentistry does not recommend during pregnancy to avoid complications:

  • 1
    Teeth whitening. With this procedure, chemicals may enter the body of the expectant mother.
  • 2
    Extraction of teeth and implantation. These procedures can lead to a rise in temperature, which is not desirable during pregnancy.

Anesthesia during pregnancy is allowed only local, using special drugs that cannot penetrate the placental protection and damage the baby.

At the first visit to the dentist, it is necessary to inform about the pregnancy, indicate the date and all information about the health of the mother and child, which can be useful for planning and conducting treatment.

Prevention of periodontitis during pregnancy

Since gingivitis is common during pregnancy, oral hygiene must be observed in advance to prevent worsening of the disease:

  • 1
    Quit smoking, which is extremely important during pregnancy.
  • 2
    Clean your mouth after every meal with a toothbrush and floss. It is also desirable to use an irrigator to clean hard-to-reach areas and massage the soft tissues of the gums.
  • 3
    Follow the recommendations for increasing immunity, switch to proper nutrition.
  • 4
    Use only mouthwash for mouthwash without active chemical elements, preferably of natural origin.

Self-observance of oral hygiene and adherence to the recommendations of the attending physician is necessary for the treatment of periodontitis during pregnancy.

Dental treatment in pregnant women with periodontal disease
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