Diagnosis of teeth

Diagnosis of teeth

Diseases of the teeth and gums are always associated with discomfort, and in a critical situation they cause unbearable pain. Therefore, dentists recommend regularly (once every 3-4 months) to visit dentistry in order to undergo a preventive examination.

Amel Dental Clinic is a modern dental clinic that uses advanced technology, digital equipment, and therefore guarantees you the most accurate dental diagnostics in Dnipro.

What is the purpose of dental diagnostics?

  • Allows you to identify dental diseases at an early stage.
  • Promotes timely treatment, and therefore the preservation of teeth.
  • Helps the dentist to visualize invisible pathological processes (caries in hidden zones of the tooth, granuloma in the hard tissues of the tooth, bone tissue), to determine the exact location of foci of infection, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the doctor’s actions during treatment.
  • It makes it possible to check the quality of medical procedures, as well as to identify complications at the primary stage.

Preventive dental diagnostics in Dnipro in a clinic that has received accreditation from the Global Clinic Rating and has become one of the 200 best dentistry in the world is a guarantee of timely treatment and a guarantee of the health of your teeth.

Effective methods of dental diagnostics at Amel Dental Clinic

1. Sighting dental radiography

A radiovisiograph, a modern digital diagnostic device, helps to take a targeted image of a tooth.

This is a new generation equipment that differs in:

  • low radiation level, therefore safe even for small children;
  • high diagnostic accuracy and image quality.

An additional advantage of targeted radiography in Amel Dental Clinic dentistry is that the results of the examination are saved on a computer, which allows the doctor to view the image during the diagnosis.

In modern dentistry, X-ray is used to identify hidden problems, pathologies of milk, permanent teeth, to predict possible complications in order to subsequently choose the optimal treatment method.

2. Panoramic image (orthopantomogram)

One of the most informative diagnostic methods in modern dentistry. Its advantage is the ability to study the entire dentition.

  • conducting surgical operations, in particular, removing a wisdom tooth;
  • dental prosthetics;
  • installation of implants;
  • orthodontic treatment (occlusion correction).

For computer diagnostics, Amel Dental Clinic uses digital equipment, which allows for fast, comfortable, safe and most accurate research, as well as storing information in digital format.

3. Teleradiography (x-ray of the jaw)

Teleradiography is an effective way to detect malocclusion, preconditions for the development of pathology in the structure of the jaw and dentition. The doctor performs an X-ray of the jaw at the stage of preparation for large-scale prosthetics as part of a comprehensive diagnosis.


An irreplaceable method for the diagnosis of occlusion and occlusion of teeth. It is used not only in orthodontic dentistry, but also in dental orthopedics, surgery, and therapeutic treatment (filling).

Benefits of T-SCAN diagnostics:

  • the possibility of studying the occlusion (occlusion) in a static, dynamic state, in terms of zoning and closure time;
  • the ability to recreate a model of the dentoalveolar apparatus with the correct bite and determine the most effective tools for correcting occlusion.

5. Computed tomography

This study provides the most complete information about the condition of the teeth, oral cavity and the entire dentition. If you take an X-ray of a tooth, you can see the location, size and shape of the canals. The image in 3D format allows the dentist to thoroughly study the structural features of the canals, to reveal hidden foci of diseases. CT is a diagnostic method that has practically no errors and gives a high-quality image of the research object.

Dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic: the most accurate dental diagnostics in Dnipro

Any dental procedure at the Amel Dental Clinic is carried out only after an accurate diagnosis and careful study of the patient’s disease characteristics. We use the most accurate diagnostic equipment and advanced research methods.

Among the services of dentistry Amel Dental Clinic (in Dnepropetrovsk) there is an initial examination. This is a preventive diagnosis, during which the patient is examined by the specialized doctors of the clinic. Additionally, you receive a computed tomography scan of two jaws.

You can sign up for a consultation and find out the prices for the clinic’s services by phone, as well as using other communication services (Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, E-mail).

Price: Diagnosis of teeth

Orthopedic/orthodontic diagnostics1 750 UAH
Initial consultation with a specialist with CT diagnostics and drawing up a treatment plan1000 UAH
Panoramic radiograph250 UAH
Computed tomography700 UAH
Computed tomography
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