Removing the sulfur plug

Removing the sulfur plug

The formation of sulfur in the ears is a natural protective process that is triggered by the human body and prevents bacteria, fungal infections and other microorganisms from entering the ear cavity. However, if the process is disturbed, it may be necessary to remove the sulfur plug, which occurs when this substance is formed excessively and improperly cleaned. ears. This procedure resembles the removal of a foreign body from the ear, however, it has some peculiarities.

Sulfur plug removal at Amel Dental Clinic

An attempt to independently remove the plug from the ear can lead to the opposite consequences and aggravate the situation, therefore, removal of the sulfur plug in the hospital is recommended by ENT specialists and is included in the list of services that are provided at the Amel Dental Clinic.

The removal procedure begins with examining the patient and identifying additional pathologies that may adversely affect his health when removing the cork. Without such a survey and examination, the doctor decides how to remove the sulfur plug without the risk of complications and proceeds to the procedure itself.

The most common methods for removing the wax plug are:

  • Rinsing the ear cavity with a special saline (harmless) solution using a special syringe, which the doctor directs to the plug and blurs it with a strong pressure. This method is the safest and does not cause unpleasant sensations and consequences.
  • The dry method is used if flushing is contraindicated for any reason. The doctor, using a special tool, makes a small hole in the plug and removes it. This method requires a lot of experience from the doctor, as the instrument can damage the eardrum.

There are many articles on the Internet on how to rinse your ear at home, however, in such cases, we still recommend contacting the professionals of the Amel Dental clinic.

Indications for removing sulfur plug in a hospital

The most obvious symptom of a sulfur plug is complete or partial hearing loss. However, there are a number of signs that indicate the need to contact a specialist to eliminate this problem.

So, an ear plug can lead to:

    • 1
      The appearance of extraneous sounds, such as buzzing, ringing, etc.
    • 2
      The occurrence of pain in the ear
    • 3
      In rare cases, vomiting, fever, dizziness

    In frequent cases, the cork makes itself felt when bathing or swimming, since upon contact with water, it increases in size, leading to the appearance of pain. Such symptoms of a plug in the ear indicate the need to see a doctor.

    The reason for the appearance of such a problem may be:

    • Violation of the rules for cleaning the ears. The ENT will never recommend the use of cotton swabs, as they can greatly complicate the situation.
    • Listening to music with headphones at high volume, especially if the headphones are compressed and generate strong vibration
    • A large amount of dust in a room where a person spends a long time
    • Individual features of the structure of the human hearing system.
    • Increased hairline in the ear canal, which leads to accumulation of wax.

    These are not the only symptoms and, upon examination, the ENT will determine the cause in the specific case of each patient.

    Complications after removing the sulfur plug

    We learned how to get rid of the plug in the ear, now it is necessary to consider possible complications after the removal procedure and ways to avoid them.

    Complications can arise primarily due to undetected pathologies in the patient, such as a tendency to otitis media, for example, therefore, when interviewing, it is necessary to honestly answer the doctor’s questions, thereby helping to choose a treatment method and avoid unpleasant consequences.

    For some time after cleansing the ears from sulfur plugs, an unpleasant sensation in the ear caused by irritation of the canal or eardrum may persist, but it quickly goes away even without the use of medications. If pain or itching persists for a long time, you need to see a doctor again.

    To prevent the occurrence of such an unpleasant phenomenon, the doctors of the Amel clinic recommend a procedure such as professional ear cleaning, especially for people prone to the formation of congestion.

    In addition, you must follow the rules:

    • Flush your ears with your fingers every time you water
    • Monitor the general condition of the ear canal. Diseases can complicate the situation
    • Humidify the room, as sulfur plug is more likely to occur in dry air.
    • The use of any medications should be carried out only with a doctor’s prescription, self-medication can lead to an aggravation of ear disease

    By following these tips, you can avoid complications and long-term treatment.

    Price: Removing the sulfur plug

    Removing the sulfur plug300 UAH
    Removing the sulfur plug
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