Pediatric dentistry Amel Kids

Pediatric dentistry Amel Kids

Once the fear experienced within the walls of the dental clinic is practically impossible to correct and accompanies the child at every visit to the dentist. The choice of a clinic is the prerogative of adults and, of course, there are many factors that influence it. But we would like to focus your attention on the main thing – on the formation of your child’s trust in those people who will monitor the condition of his teeth and oral cavity throughout his life. Now you understand why the first visit is so important, the first experience, the script of which must be flawless. That is why pediatric dentistry (Dnipro) is only Amel Kids.

Children’s dental clinic: we smile before and after

Experts are well aware that regardless of age, children look for proof that they are safe. At the age of up to 3 years, following the instinct of self-preservation, the child feels safe only next to the mother, so very often babies are treated in her arms.

At an older age, children do not stop looking for evidence of the safety of the world around them, but the number of evaluated factors increases significantly. Probably, you have witnessed situations in which a pediatric dentist and parents are trying to convince of the need for treatment, they talk about how a drill is not at all scary, not painful, but all appeals to reason are in vain.

Instinct always wins, and we have the opportunity to highlight the following main features in the child’s behavior:

  • children assess reality in terms of comfort and discomfort, i.e. what is pleasant and unpleasant for them;
  • at the dentist’s, the child has exaggerated emotional reactions due to discomfort – in this way he fights his stress and does the right thing;
  • if a child experiences discomfort, the emotional, cognitive, motor spheres react to his condition, i.e. the baby has absolutely no mood, he is focused on what gives him discomfort and with all his behavior wants to make it clear to others that he is feeling bad;
  • being capricious, the child is not always afraid to be treated, but very often wants to draw attention to himself, “punish” the parents for their indifference, satisfy their need.

There are a lot of psychological aspects of successful interaction between a pediatric dentist and children. We know how to become your child’s friend, which is why our little patients smile when they enter and leave our clinic!

Dentistry for children Amel Kids – a world where children and adults feel comfortable

Amel Kids Pediatric Dentistry Clinic is a new look at familiar things and needs. Our goal was to create a clinic that would radically change the attitude to dentistry of all participants in the process of preserving and creating dazzling smiles – doctors, parents and, of course, the main characters – our little patients!

It took quite a bit to create a dream clinic: a unique interior, innovative technologies and equipment, qualified, talented and creative employees and the desire to do everything so that our patients will never lose the desire to smile.

We have achieved everything that we planned and today Amel Kids is:

  • modern dental clinic with a total area of over 500 sq. meters, created in accordance with the most modern requirements and standards in the field of design, ergonomics;
  • 4 children’s rooms: 1 operating room, 2 therapeutic rooms, 1 endodontic treatment room;
  • a large children’s play area is another reason for visiting our clinic for young patients;
  • highly qualified specialists who possess modern methods of treatment and effective prevention of dental and gum diseases, correction of malocclusion;
  • the latest advances in dentistry.

Children’s dental clinic Amel Kids: why us?

Our reasoning is simple and obvious:

  • Common goals. Amel Kids specialists and parents have the same goals – healthy and beautiful teeth for our children.
  • High quality. We use the most modern equipment and technologies, safe and reliable materials, which, combined with the high qualifications of our doctors, allows us to provide services that meet the highest quality standards.
  • Specialists in all areas. The clinic is attended not only by dentists conducting therapeutic treatment, but also by the best specialists in the field of orthodontics, orthopedic dentistry, ENT, pediatrician.
  • No stress. The relationship between a pediatric dentist and a child is based on an understanding of the desires, needs, and experiences of a little patient, so children visit our clinic with pleasure.
  • Without pain. Absolutely all procedures are performed with anesthesia, and if necessary, we resort to sedation, which allows you to treat a child in a dream without discomfort.
  • Prevention. We do everything to prevent diseases of teeth and gums, teach the rules of oral hygiene, help instill in the child the habit of regularly visiting the dentist, which helps to identify violations at early stages.
  • With comfort. Our clinic has all the conditions for a comfortable stay within its walls for children and adults. The large play area turns every visit to Amel Kids into a fun stroll. It doesn’t matter in what lineup you came to us – nobody will be bored here!
  • Service. You will never forget about your upcoming visit to the clinic – the system is built in such a way as to make our cooperation as comfortable as possible for you, which is facilitated by telephone reminders, mailings, etc.

Children’s dental dentistry Amel Kids: our services

Private pediatric dentistry Amel Kids provides the following services:

  • 1
    Routine examination, diagnostics (X-ray).
  • 2
    Therapeutic treatment of children’s teeth.
  • treatment of children’s caries;
  • treatment of milk teeth under anesthesia;
  • treatment of pediatric periodontitis;
  • filling of children’s teeth;
  • fluoridation of teeth for children;
  • sealing fissures of teeth in children;
  • restoration of children’s teeth;
  • treatment of pulpitis in children.
  • 1
    Extraction of teeth for children.
  • 2
    Dental prosthetics for children.
  • 3
    Aligning teeth for children.
  • 4
    Cleaning children’s teeth.

Children’s dentistry (Dnipro): how to make an appointment?

The Amel Kids clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) is open from 09:00 to 19:00 – Monday through Friday and from 09:00 to 18:00 – on weekends. We are located at: Dnipro, bul. Ekaterinoslavsky (Karl Marx Ave.), 2, TDK “Bosphorus”, 5th floor. You can make an appointment by calling us or ordering a call back. The price list with the cost of our services is presented on the clinic’s website, but you can always check the prices over the phone and get detailed advice.

Price Pediatric dentistry Amel Kids

Процедура Price
Pediatric consultation with a treatment plan 700 UAH
Removal of a temporary tooth, physiological change 500 UAH
Removal of a temporary tooth, complicated caries 600 UAH
Sedation sevoran/diprivan up to 1 hour 4 400 UAH
Sedation sevoran/diprivan up to 1,5 hours 5 500 UAH
Sedation sevoran/diprivan, additional 1 hour 2 200 UAH
Children’s fissure sealing 700 UAH
Restoration of a milk tooth 1 500 UAH
Pediatric dentistry Amel Kids
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Irina's practical experience is 3 years. From the 8th grade, she dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping people, so she chose a medical university. In work, confidence in their actions and responsibility are important for a girl. Purposefulness, desire to develop and achieve goals help in work. He devotes his free time to traveling, likes to ride a bicycle, writes poetry, uses it at a children's reception. He loves children and animals, he brings up the cat Frida.
  • Education
    ZSMU 2013-2018, DMA internship 2018-2020
  • Specialization
    Children's dentist
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Mark always wanted to be a doctor, so he chose the profession of a dentist. Children love to communicate with him and always go to the reception in a good mood. He believes that the confidence of the doctor is very important in work, the practice should be supported by theoretical knowledge. He cannot imagine the dentist profession without responsibility and foresight for 10 steps ahead. Purposefulness, perseverance and patience help Mark in his daily work. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the piano and snowboarding.
  • Education
    DSMA, dentist
  • Specialization
    Children's dentist
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