Dnipro, bul. Ekaterinoslavsky, 2 TDK "Bosphorus", 2nd floor
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Днепр, Украина Екатеринославский бульвар 2, ТДК «Босфор» 2 этаж
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Dental tourism
with Àmel Dental Clinic

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Our advantages

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We use the latest technology and materials to achieve the best possible result for each patient.

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The clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment, thanks to which we can perform tasks as quickly as possible.

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All dental services are presented in one clinic, you will be offered a comprehensive solution to any problem.

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Our doctors are high-end professionals, they are constantly learning new technologies and improving their skills.

Action plan

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Contact us

Choose one of the most comfortable ways to contact us:

  • Complete the application on our website;
  • Call us;
  • Write a message on Facebook or Instagram.
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If you already have a panoramic 3D photo, send it to us on Facebook or via e-mail: info@amelmedical.com.ua . . After seeing the photo, our specialists will hold a free remote consultation with you. If you don 't have a photo, you can describe your problem and tell about the symptoms that bother you.

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Agree on a treatment plan

Doctors offer available options, discuss with you a preliminary treatment plan, calculate the estimated cost and prescribe the date of visit.

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Book your tickets

If necessary, we help you to book tickets, arrange transfers and meet you at the airport or train station.

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    Get a dream smile

    You visit the clinic, follow procedures according to international treatment protocols and receive a guarantee for the treatment. As well as enjoying the architecture, delicious local cuisine and magnificent views that open from the Dnipro river embankment.

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    Ways of payment

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    Card payment

    You can pay for Àmel Dental Clinic services with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

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    Cash payment

    You can pay Àmel Dental Clinic in cash.

    Why Ukraine?
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    Our clinic is accredited to Global Clinical Rating (USA). This means that it has been praised by the independent commission and has confirmed that its service meets the necessary standards. We equipped the rooms with the best equipment, our doctors constantly take additional training courses and master classes to provide the patient with the optimal result of treatment. Quality, comfort, safety - that’s what you get when you come to our Ámel Dental Clinic. Here you get world-class services at pleasant prices. Our price does not change for foreign guests, you pay the same price as our patients living in Ukraine.

    We are often addressed by patients from other countries. Medical tourism in Ukraine is a popular destination that is gradually gaining momentum. There is no wonder that a trip to Ukraine can become for you the most real pleasant adventure, because you will combine dental treatment in one of the best clinics in the world with bright impressions of local colour, nature, cuisine, attractions. Everyone who has visited our city at least once admires the samples of its ancient architecture, the river Dnipro and the beautiful embankment, restaurants that are ready to offer guests the best dishes of national cuisine. Always happy to see you, looking forward to visiting!

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    • I don 't know your language at all, how are we going to communicate?
      Don't worry, all our specialists speak English, you won 't have any communication problems.
    • Your clinic is part of a TOP-200 clinics in the world, what does that mean for a patient?
      Ámel Dental Clinic operates strictly according to international protocols, it is accredited to Global Clinical Rating (USA). GCR certification is obtained by clinics that have passed international verification and have confirmed compliance of their level of services, equipment and service with high world standards for medical clinics. During accreditation, an independent international commission carries out a thorough inspection of the medical institution. Not only the professionalism of doctors plays an important role in the assessment, but also the technologies and equipment, which are used in daily practice.
    • I feel a lot of discomfort before treatment, what should I do?
      If the patient is worried, as well as if there is a serious intervention (for example, removal, implantation, etc.), treatment in sedation (medication sleep) is possible. We have anesthesiologists who are in full control of the treatment process.
    • I can come to Ukraine for a certain period of time, will we finish the treatment?
      We specify in advance how much time the patient has to optimally plan the schedule of the visits. The clinic has 13 treatment rooms, 75 specialists, so we will easily select for you those doctors who are necessary. During your stay in the country we will fulfill maximum tasks.
    • I don 't know the city at all, how can I find your clinic?
      If you first come to Dnipro or are poorly oriented here, you should not worry - we will meet you at the airport or at the train station, help to find and book a suitable hotel in the city center, from which it will be comfortable to get to our clinic. Also, if you wish, we will organize a small tour of beautiful places of our city and tell you where you can try the most delicious borsch and varenyky.
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