In the clinic Amel Dental Clinic, located in Dnipro, an otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) is in charge. The specialization of such a doctor includes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ears, throat and nose.

ENT services in Dnipro

The respiratory and hearing organs are susceptible to various diseases and injuries, and can also serve as pathways for various infections to enter the human body. Therefore, a timely appeal to the ENT in the event of certain disorders is necessary to exclude complications and maintain the patient’s health.

Making an appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist at the Amel Dental Clinic, the patient receives an initial consultation with an otolaryngologist. The examination is carried out using endoscopy.

In case of detection of pathologies, ENT provides the following assistance:

  • Washing n / tonsils using the TonsilLor apparatus
  • Lavage of the nasal cavity and PNP by fluid transfer
  • Removing the sulfur plug
  • Ear suction toilet
  • Endoscopy + tympanometry (examination of the tympanic membrane)
  • Opening a boil in the ear or nose
  • Removal of a foreign body from the ear, nose, larynx
  • Tympanopuncture (for adults), i.e. a puncture of the tympanic membrane for drug administration or diagnosis
  • Eardrum paracentesis (adults) – An incision performed to relieve inflammation.
  • Instillation of drugs into the larynx, that is, drip injection of medicinal drugs
  • Providing primary care for injuries and injuries to the face

In addition, the doctor can give a referral for additional examinations and tests.

It is necessary to consult a doctor in the following cases:

  • 1
    The occurrence of inflammation in the throat, such as sore throat
  • 2
    Hearing system injury or diseases such as otitis media
  • 3
    Inflammation of the nasal cavity, such as rhinitis or sinusitis

The sooner the patient turns to a specialist for qualified help, the greater the likelihood of successful treatment of diseases.

Why is it worth contacting an ENT at the Amel Dental Clinic

The Amel Dental Clinic provides patients visiting an otolaryngologist with a comfortable waiting and reception area, where regular sanitization is carried out and a comfortable temperature is maintained.

The ENT receptionist has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the respiratory tract and hearing aids. Our doctors regularly take advanced training courses both in Ukraine and in Europe and are familiar with modern methods of treating various pathologies.

In the course of diagnostics and treatment, only modern equipment and medicines are used, aimed at the fastest restoration of patients’ health. The otolaryngologist takes full responsibility for the patient’s health and monitors the course of treatment until it is successfully completed. In urgent cases, a minimum waiting time and prompt first aid are provided.

Price: Otolaryngology

Tympanometry400 UAH
Primary surgical treatment of facial wounds1 000 UAH
Instillation of medicines into the larynx300 UAH
Removal of benign formations of the oropharynx2 000 UAH
Removal of foreign body of ear, nose, larynx350 UAH
Ear suction toilet250 UAH
Removing the sulfur plug300 UAH
Rinsing of the nasal cavity and PNP by fluid transfer method200 UAH
Vacuum sanitation of n/tonsils300 UAH
Washing of n/tonsils using the Tonsillor apparatus350 UAH
Initial consultation with an otolaryngologist400 UAH
Otolaryngologist consultation + endoscopy700 UAH
Otolaryngologist consultation + endoscopy
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Tatiana has over 5 years of practical experience. In her work, she values the responsibility that the entire team shares when working with the patient, honesty, decency and professionalism. She was born into a family with a medical dynasty, maternal great-grandfather and grandfather were doctors, uncles and aunts are doctors, and most importantly, her parents are also doctors, so there was no doubt about her choice of profession. Tatiana devotes her free time to jogging and swimming, reading professional and fictional literature, and driving a car.
  • Education
    DMA and NMAPO named after P.L.Shupik
  • Specialization
    Otolaryngologist, oncootolaryngologist
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