Ear foreign body removal

Ear foreign body removal

First of all, removing a foreign body from the ear may be necessary for young children, who may accidentally place various small objects in the ear canal, such as beads, parts of toys, peas, and so on. Children still do not understand the full danger of such games and accidentally clog the ear canal.

However, adults may also find themselves in a situation where it is impossible to remove a foreign body from the ear on their own and it is necessary to seek the help of an otolaryngologist. Insects, algae while swimming in ponds, random objects if careless and so on can penetrate into the ears.

Self-extraction of a foreign body can be dangerous, therefore, it is recommended to seek help from specialists, for example, at the Amel Dental Clinic located in Dnipro.

Ear foreign body removal at Amel Dental Clinic

At Amel Dental Clinic, a procedure such as diagnosis and removal of foreign bodies of the external auditory canal is available, which is performed by an experienced otorhinolaryngologist.

The office is equipped with modern endoscopic equipment, therefore, diagnostics is performed with high accuracy, which allows the doctor to use the correct method of removing a foreign object from the ear canal without damaging the eardrum.

During the examination, the specialist collects information about possible chronic diseases and the characteristics of the patient’s hearing system. This is necessary to exclude possible complications during the procedure. At the Amel clinic, doctors carefully follow the instructions and collect complete information about the patient. During the examination, foreign bodies of the external auditory canal are determined and the method of their extraction is selected.

There are several ways to extract:

  • 1
    Rinsing with saline. The most gentle method, suitable in cases where the foreign object has no sharp edges and is not hygroscopic.
  • 2
    In cases where an insect has penetrated into the ear canal, washing is used with preliminary instillation of an alcohol solution into the ear, which kills and softens it. This is followed by a glycerin wash. Alcohol has another function – it disinfects possible damage to the eardrum and ear canal
  • 3
    Removing a foreign object using special tools such as tweezers.
  • 4
    In difficult cases, surgical intervention is used

After removal of foreign bodies of the ear, anti-inflammatory drugs are used, which are prescribed by the ENT.

For young patients, the Amel Dental clinic has created excellent conditions that can facilitate the procedure for removing objects from the ears. In addition, it is possible to receive out of turn in urgent cases. The doctor will do everything necessary for the procedure, in which the foreign body of the auricle will be removed.

Why you need to remove foreign objects from your ear and how to avoid problems

After a foreign object enters the ear, the hearing aid is blocked, therefore, hearing problems arise. However, this is not the biggest danger. If the eardrum or ear canal is damaged by a foreign body in the ear, inflammation can occur.

In addition, otitis media and other ear complications may develop.

Parental control is required to prevent children from placing objects in their ears. Children should not be allowed to play with small objects that can fall not only in the ears, but also in the nasal passage or pharynx, which is much more dangerous.

For adults, doctors recommend refusing to clean the ears with cotton swabs. These hygiene items can be used to clean the ears, but cannot be used to clean the ear canals.

Price: Ear foreign body removal

Процедура Price
Removal of foreign body of ear, nose, larynx 400 UAH
Removal of foreign body of ear, nose, larynx
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