Kinesiological services

Kinesiological services

After suffering injuries or illnesses, a person is often unable to return to an active life without the help of a specialist. In the clinic Amel Dental Clinic, located in the city of Dnipro, a rehabilitologist is receiving an appointment, whose task is to carry out restorative therapy.

The help of this specialist may be needed:

  • Athletes after an injury.
  • People who lead a sedentary lifestyle and have received spinal problems because of this, or, on the contrary, have been injured as a result of excessive workload.
  • Patients after a stroke, which caused complications in the form of impaired motor functions.
  • Patients with back and neck pain.
  • For patients with headaches.
  • Patients with impaired posture (scoliosis, kyphosis).

Contacting a rehabilitation therapist will help to overcome the consequences of diseases or injuries and improve the patient’s condition.

It is worth coming to the clinic in cases where:

  • Pain in the back, neck, joints, discomfort appear.
  • Dizziness or headache when turning the neck.
  • Vision or sleep problems.
  • Fast fatiguability.

Contraindications for which procedures cannot be performed:

  • Some diseases of the skin.
  • Mental disorders.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Various chronic diseases.
  • Tumors.
  • If there are such contraindications, it is necessary to inform the rehabilitation therapist at the first appointment.

Rehabilitation services in Dnipro

At the Amel Dental Clinic, an experienced physician-rehabilitologist conducts the appointment.

After the initial examination and detection of pathology, an individual rehabilitation program is drawn up, which the doctor and the patient follow to successfully complete the treatment. The program is based on the recommendations of specialized specialists, such as a neuropathologist, traumatologist and others. In some cases, it is necessary to undergo additional diagnostic procedures and tests before rehabilitation.

A rehabilitation doctor conducts:

  • Primary diagnosis with manual correction of the spine and therapeutic massage.
  • If necessary, the kinesio taping method can be used.
  • A set of exercises for wealthy activities is also recommended.

Manual therapy is a complex of actions on the spine in order to restore posture, reduce back pain and restore mobility. A rehabilitator with his hands using special healing creams acts not only on soft tissues, but also on joints, intervertebral discs and other hidden areas of the body.

Such an effect should be carried out only by a specialist with the appropriate education and experience in manual therapy, otherwise the treatment may not give results and vice versa, harm the patient. At the Amel clinic, the appointment is conducted by a rehabilitator with experience in the successful recovery of patients of varying severity.

Kinesio taping is a technique based on the restoration of muscles and tendons using special cotton bands that fit tightly to the body and restore fluid circulation in the body, joint mobility, and relieve pain. In addition, with correctly installed straps, displacements caused by muscle spasms can be eliminated.

Why visit a rehabilitation therapist at Amel Dental Clinic

The Amel Dental clinic has created comfortable conditions for people who need rehabilitation. The entrance to the premises is equipped with a ramp, inside is sterile cleanliness and a comfortable temperature.

Reception takes place in a room equipped for procedures with the use of modern medicinal products. For patients, conditions have been created for comfortable preparation for procedures and recovery after them.

Rehabilitation doctors, leading the reception, individually approach the treatment of each patient and make every effort to return him to an active life as soon as possible. In addition to the procedures themselves, the doctor will provide recommendations on how to accelerate the recovery process on his own, and prescribe additional training.

In addition, the treatment is carried out within the confidentiality, our specialists keep the medical secret.

Price: Kinesiological services

Процедура Price
Initial consultation with a rehabilitation therapist with diagnostics of the spine condition 500 UAH
Primary diagnosis with manual correction of the spine and therapeutic massage 900 UAH
Manual correction of the spine with therapeutic massage 900 UAH
Kinesio taping, 1 zone 500 UAH
Kinesio taping, 1 zone
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Our specialists
Dmitry has over 15 years of practical experience in his specialty. Thanks to the interest in the results of treatment and the approach to patients by his teachers and colleagues, Dmitry came to the vocation of a rehabilitation therapist. The desire to help the patient, many years of work experience and high-quality education help him in his work, it is also important for Dmitry to conduct a full examination and achieve mutual understanding with the patient. He devotes his free time to sports and playing the guitar.
  • Education:
    • Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, specialty "General Medicine" - 1998-2004
  • • Academy of Medical Kinesiology and Manual Therapy prof. Vasilyeva L.F., 2020
  • • Course "Basics of Manual Medicine" DMI TNM, 2004
  • Specialization:
    Therapist, applied kinesiologist
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