Treatment of children’s caries

Treatment of children’s caries

Caries is the most common dental disease. It is associated with low levels of tooth mineralization and leads to the destruction of dental tissue. Even babies are not insured against caries. In some children, it is actively developing with the appearance of the first milk teeth. Treatment of caries in milk teeth in children should be started as early as possible, since in childhood the pathology develops very quickly, often affecting several teeth at the same time. If you do not go to the dentist in time, you will not have time to look back as the entire dentition will be affected by caries, which is fraught with early loss of teeth and all kinds of complications.

Treatment of decay teeth caries: why is it important?

There is a fairly common misconception that temporary teeth do not need treatment, since normal permanent teeth will grow to replace them. The truth is that the health of children’s teeth in the future directly depends on how you took care of them at an early age, and caries treatment is one of the main conditions for the formation of good dental health for a child.

If caries is left untreated:

  • a child may lose milk teeth early, which leads to a violation of the development of the jaw and dentition, deformation of the bite, and disturbances in the formation of the facial skeleton;
  • there is a risk of deep penetration of infection, damage to permanent teeth at the stage when they are just forming;
  • when temporary teeth deteriorate and deteriorate, the child cannot chew food well, which causes disturbances in the digestive system and gastrointestinal tract.

Treatment of children’s caries: causes and signs of the disease

  • 1
    Hereditary feature.
  • 2
    Poor oral care.
  • 3
    A large amount of sweets in the child’s diet, non-observance of hygiene rules after eating sweet foods.
  • 4
    Violation of enamel mineralization at the stage of embryonic formation (toxicosis during pregnancy, taking medications in the first trimester).
  • 5
    Lack of fluoride in the baby’s diet (in water).
  • 6
    Long-term breastfeeding.

An effective and least traumatic treatment of caries in milk teeth in children is possible in the case of early diagnosis. Dentists urge parents to systematically examine their child’s teeth.

The reason for going to the clinic is the following symptoms:

  • white spots on the teeth (early stage of infection), light brown spots (middle stage), or dark brown spots (deep caries);
  • feeling pain when the baby chews dense food;
  • teeth react painfully to hot / cold, sweet / sour;
  • the occurrence of a sharp aching pain;
  • the presence of bad breath.

Even if you do not notice any special signs of the disease in your child, you should periodically visit the dentist’s office for the doctor to conduct a full examination and professional oral hygiene. Preventing tooth decay is easier than treating it.

Pediatric Dentistry: Caries Treatment at Amel Dental Clinic

The dentist chooses treatment methods depending on the extent of the spread of carious infection:

  • Deep fluoridation is used for prophylaxis, as well as if there is a strong tooth sensitivity.

It is used at the initial stage, as well as for teeth sensitivity (weak enamel). The surface of the deciduous teeth is covered with a fluoride gel. Fluoridation is carried out in order to strengthen the thin enamel, to protect against infection.

  • ICON procedure.

This is a painless micro-invasive procedure that allows you to eliminate caries in babies at the spot stage without a drill. This technique allows you to stop the development of caries and preserve the integrity and shape of the tooth.

  • Filling.

It is carried out at the stage of medium and deep damage to the dental tissue. At this stage, you can no longer do without a drill. With its help, the doctor cuts off the tissues affected by caries, after which a filling is placed in the cleaned cavity.

  • Fissure sealing.

This prophylactic procedure prevents the development of caries in deep cavities on the anterior surface of the teeth. During the procedure, the doctor seals the grooves, which makes them invulnerable to bacteria.

Treatment of children’s caries in Dnipro: the best dentistry for children Amel Dental Clinic

Children who have been treated in our clinic are not afraid to go to the dentist’s office. The thing is that:

  • we use innovative technologies and modern digital equipment, which made the treatment painless, comfortable and safe even for the smallest patients;
  • if the child is worried, afraid, we use a safe sedation method to help the child relax;
  • we use the most effective methods of modern dentistry, thanks to which we successfully treat the most complex types of caries, including caries of the front teeth in children;
  • Amel Dental Clinic in Dnepropetrovsk was recognized as the best in Ukraine in 2018 and was included in the list of 200 best dental clinics in the world.

Dentistry works even on weekends, so you can always count on our help in an emergency. To make an appointment with a doctor at a convenient time for you, you can find out the prices for the clinic’s services by phone, in Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or e-mail. Our administrator will contact you to clarify the time of your visit, advise on the services and their cost at Amel Dental Clinic.

Price Treatment of children’s caries

Процедура Price
Filling a permanent tooth from 1 500 UAH
Filling of a milk tooth 1 000 UAH
Treatment of children’s caries
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