Primary surgical treatment of facial wounds

Primary surgical treatment of facial wounds

In the event of injuries of varying severity, the primary surgical treatment of facial wounds is a necessary procedure to prevent infection and ensure subsequent rehabilitation. The faster and better primary medical care is provided, the less the likelihood of complications and the occurrence of scars after healing.

Primary treatment of wounds is called, which is performed within the first 24 hours, after receiving them.

Primary surgical treatment of facial wounds at Amel Dental Clinic

Amel Dental Clinic provides emergency treatment for patients with facial injuries. At the same time, the primary surgical treatment of the wound is carried out and the patient is provided with the necessary medical care without queuing and waiting.

First of all, the doctor does everything necessary to prevent pain shock in the patient and large blood loss. Depending on the patient’s individual characteristics and injuries, the anesthesiologist selects the method of pain relief. At the Amel Dental Clinic, all anesthesiologists have extensive experience in the use of anesthesia for procedures such as debridement of wounds and other highly painful operations.

After anesthesia, the wounds are cleaned from blood clots and foreign objects or substances. This is an important step in which antiseptic treatment is performed to prevent contamination of tissues and blood. When treating wounds, the doctor is guided by the general rules of surgical treatment, however, early surgical treatment of a facial wound has its own characteristics related to the structure of the maxillofacial region, in particular, the doctor does everything possible to eliminate cosmetic and aesthetic problems at an early stage.

The doctors of the clinic pay special attention to young patients, for whom the very fact of being injured is already a shock, therefore, the treatment of wounds should not worsen the psychological state of the child.

Features of PHO wounds of the face

At the Amel clinic, doctors understand that fast, and most importantly, high-quality suturing prevents the appearance of highly prominent scars and scars, which will subsequently require a long and expensive elimination. Therefore, after cleaning the wounds, they are sewn together. The entire procedure is performed in a clean room using sterile instruments.

Particular attention is paid to damage to the facial nerves and muscles. They are stitched together using a microsurgical technique for speedy healing and repair. The torn muscles are processed and sutured in such a way that, after recovery, they do not form protruding areas on the face. The primary and secondary surgical treatment of wounds carried out at Amel Dental Clinic is primarily aimed at minimizing the consequences and promptly helping the victim. After completing the initial treatment, the doctor applies bandages that need to be changed depending on the type of injury. It is imperative to visit the doctor again to change the dressing and monitor proper wound healing. In case of a sharp deterioration in the recovery process, an urgent visit to a doctor is necessary.

Types of injuries for carrying out PHO wounds of the face

Wounds on the face can be of the following types:

  • Bruises and abrasions without open wounds
  • Cut or lacerated wounds
  • Bitten wounds

Depending on the types of injuries, the doctor decides on their treatment. For example, bitten wounds require not only a PHO wound of the face, but also the use of special drugs to eliminate the threat of infection of a patient with animal-borne diseases.

Bruises and abrasions do not require suturing, but may be accompanied by internal tissue and nerve damage. The doctor at the Amel Clinic carefully examines such injuries and does everything necessary to eliminate the consequences of such wounds.

The most complex injuries can be accompanied by fractures of the facial bones, deep penetration of foreign objects into the tissue, and so on. In these cases, a complex operation is required.

Price: Primary surgical treatment of facial wounds

Процедура Price
Primary surgical treatment of facial wounds 1 100 UAH
Primary surgical treatment of facial wounds
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