Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

Dental treatment is, in fact, a struggle to preserve a natural organ. If earlier pulp inflammation with deep caries was treated with ineffective methods that cause suffering to the patient and, in the end, lead to the extraction of a tooth, now everything has changed. In dentistry, new effective drugs for anesthesia have appeared, unique techniques and materials have been developed that allow for the treatment of pulpitis, cleaning of tooth canals and their filling quickly, without pain, and at the same time preserving the patient’s teeth.

If there is pain, a visit to the dental clinic should be immediate. In Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), endodontic treatment of root canals is carried out using modern effective technologies. Do not put off your visit to the dentist indefinitely, check the condition of the oral cavity every six months, then it will be possible to avoid diseases and tooth decay for many years.

When is endodontic root canal treatment performed?

Through the canals of the tooth, the pulp neurovascular bundle connects with the nerve canals of the jaw. The canals are deep enough, hidden under the gum and well protected. Provided that the teeth are healthy, as well as at the initial stage of inflammation, a person does not experience any unpleasant sensations. Pain appears as a result of the development of an inflammatory process in the deep layers of the tooth.

Endodontic root canal treatment is indicated for the following diseases:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    inflammation of periodontal tissues.

As a rule, the cause of inflammation is the bacteria Streptococcus mutans, the waste product of which is destructive to tooth enamel. However, often the need for treatment and filling of canals is caused by trauma, various metabolic and vascular disorders, leading to atrophy, dystrophy, ischemia, edema, fibrous formation, tissue necrosis.

Tooth canal filling: methods and algorithm of treatment

The main tasks of root canal filling are the treatment of inflammation, the preservation and restoration of the tooth.

Root canal filling is carried out in several stages:

1. Inspection and diagnostics.

At this stage, the doctor collects anamnesis, examines the treatment area using a digital X-ray machine, and, if necessary, makes a panoramic X-ray in order to determine the location of the channels.

2. Anesthesia.

Amel Dental Clinic uses traditional and computer anesthesia. For especially anxious patients, including children with filling of milk teeth, treatment is carried out under sedation (in a dream).

3. Preparation for dental root treatment.

At this stage, the canals are cleaned with a hand instrument or with the help of special endodontic nozzles (rotary instrument).

The doctor performs the following manipulations:

  • preparation of enamel;
  • removal of tissues affected by caries;
  • formation of the cavity and access to the pulp bundle.

With a slight inflammation of the nerve at the first appointment, the dentist does not clean the canal, but prepares the cavity, puts the medicine on the root of the tooth and installs a temporary filling. Root canal cleaning is carried out on condition that therapeutic treatment has been ineffective.

4. Endodontic treatment:

  • pulp extraction;
  • cleaning of tooth canals, development and expansion using a special endodontic instrument with shape memory;
  • rinsing, disinfection, acid etching.

5. Temporary filling.

Endodontic treatment is always (and in the case of removal of the nerve, and subject to medical treatment) is carried out in two stages. This is necessary so that the doctor can check the correctness and effectiveness of the procedures performed and make sure of a positive result. A temporary filling is placed immediately after the canals have been processed.

6. Dental canal filling.

During the second visit to the dentist, the root canals are sterilized and sealed.

7. Tooth restoration.

The last stage of endodontic treatment is the aesthetic restoration of the crown part of the tooth with the restoration of its shape, functionality (formation of fissures of the chewing surfaces, etc.) The method of restoration, materials are chosen by the doctor according to the patient’s individual indications.

Tooth canal filling methods

Over the past 20-30 years, humanity has made a huge leap in the development of dentistry. Innovative treatment methods have been developed, materials have appeared that allow effective filling and restoration of teeth, including hermetic sealing of root canals.

Previously, the cleaned channels were filled with a plastic material that subsequently hardened. However, with this method, complications often arose, which led to the need for retreatment and re-filling. Now dentists in most cases fill the canals with gutta-percha. Moreover, there are many techniques for sealing cavities using this elastic, dense and very durable sealant.

How to fill the root canal with gutta-percha:

  • 1
    One-pin method. A gutta-percha rod is used as a pin, which is inserted into the canal after filling it with a filling paste. It is rarely used as it can have complications.
  • 2
    Cold method (lateral condensation). The doctor places as many gutta-percha points into the canal as needed to completely seal. Reliable and inexpensive technology.
  • 3
    Thermomechanical condensation of the sealant (when using a rotating condenser). There is a risk of incomplete filling of the cavity and damage to the root due to mechanical actions, therefore, it belongs to unpopular methods.
  • 4
    Method of vertical compaction of gutta-percha. A preheated sealant is introduced into the cavity, which is then evenly distributed within the channels using a pin. This is a rather complicated and time-consuming method, but its advantage is effective sealing of voids.
  • 5
    Injection method. Gutta-percha is fed into the root canals in a liquid state, heated to 200 °. The flowable material fills all cavities quickly and easily. The disadvantage is the risk of cauterization and damage to the root walls.
  • 6
    Much less traumatic is the continuous wave. Initially, a pin is inserted into the center of the cavity with a heated instrument, and then lateral gutta-percha pins are tightly positioned around it until the voids are completely filled. In this case, the effect of temperature on the hard tissues of the root is insignificant.
  • 7
    Thermoplastic injection method. The hot sealant is injected into the canal using a syringe. It’s simple and convenient, but not always effective. With a complex structure of the channels, their incomplete filling is possible.
  • 8
    “Thermophil”. For better distribution of the sealant, a sealer is first injected into the cavity, and only then a hot polymer post with gutta-percha. The excess sealant is cut off. Thanks to the sealer, the sealant fills all root canal branches.
  • 9
    Hardware method of hot gutta-percha. The system ensures rapid heating of the sealant and maintaining the temperature (fluid state of the gutta-percha). When the material is introduced into the cavity, it flows into all corners and voids. This method is most effective for the patient (high-quality canal sealing), the simplest and most comfortable for the doctor.

Root canal filling at Amel Dental Clinic

Cleaning, filling the root canals of a tooth in Amel Dental Clinic dentistry is carried out using a dental microscope. Digital optical equipment makes it feasible to treat multi-rooted teeth with complex structures and even impassable root canals, makes it possible to achieve high accuracy of the dentist’s actions, eliminate the risks of complications as much as possible, and ensure high quality endodontic treatment. We offer you pain-free treatment using the latest technology and materials.

You can get information on the services and prices of the clinic in the corresponding section. We calculate the exact cost of filling the canals of the tooth after consultation with the doctor, when the examination, diagnosis and treatment plan are drawn up. For your convenience, the site provides the option of online appointment with a specialist.

Price: Root canal treatment

Процедура Price
Root canal filling by vertical condensation method System B 900 UAH
Root canal filling by lateral condensation method 600 UAH
Root canal filling by lateral condensation method
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