3D scan of teeth

3D scan of teeth

High-quality diagnostics in dentistry, as in any other area of ​​medicine, is a guarantee of effective treatment. Dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic (Dnepropetrovsk) puts the health of patients above all else, therefore, it examines the oral cavity using the latest and most informative diagnostic methods. One of these methods is 3D computer tomography of teeth. Unlike conventional radiography, CT provides a three-dimensional, most complete picture of the condition and problems of the teeth in all planes, as well as the soft and hard tissues of the maxillofacial region.

Dental computed tomography at Amel Dental Clinic is carried out using devices of a new generation of leading manufacturers of medical dental equipment with a worldwide reputation. The use of modern equipment and research methods in combination with extensive experience and high qualifications of the doctors of the dental clinic is a guarantee of high-precision diagnostics without errors and errors.

Benefits of 3D dental diagnostics

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    High precision of dental examination. An X-ray image is a static planar picture. A panoramic image gives the most complete picture: dental diseases, the condition of the tissues adjacent to the source of the disease, hidden problems. The doctor, who sees the picture in three-dimensional projection, quickly and accurately determines the diagnosis, draws up the most effective treatment plan, accurately performs treatment procedures even in the least accessible areas of the oral cavity.
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    Fast diagnostics. The procedure does not require any special preparation and takes only about 30 seconds.
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    Safety. The tomograph is absolutely safe equipment for the patient. When using it, the patient is not exposed to radiation, therefore, a 3D image of the teeth can be taken even for the smallest patients.

At Amel Dental Clinic, a 3D panoramic image of the teeth of the upper and lower jaw is carried out as part of a comprehensive diagnosis.

CT scan of teeth in Dnipro: indications for a panoramic study

Dental tomography of the jaw reveals the following problems:

  • latent carious infection;
  • the development of tumors in the primary stage;
  • teeth that have not erupted;
  • internal damage to the teeth, jaw, resulting from trauma;
  • latent inflammation;
  • deformation, pathology in the development of the maxillofacial apparatus, teeth;
  • the presence and degree of destruction of hard tissues of the jaw;
  • filling defect, control of implants.

In addition, 3D technology has made it possible to model implants. Now the patient, already at the stage of preparation, can see how his smile will look after prosthetics.

At Amel Dental Clinic, jaw tomography is performed as part of a consultation-examination or for a number of indications:

  • dentoalveolar injury, in which there may be fractures, dislocations, invisible damage to the dental root during visual inspection;
  • in case of complications after depulpation;
  • with indications for surgical treatment in order to predict possible complications and the scale of work;
  • in the presence of prerequisites for the development of neoplasms;
  • if you need to confirm the diagnosis.

CT of the jaw in Dnipro – application of the method in complex diagnostics

CT scan of the jaw in Dnipro – application of the method in Amel Dental Clinic, when choosing diagnostic methods, a dentist is guided by the individual indications of a patient. If necessary, along with CT scan, a panoramic examination of the oral cavity, targeted diagnostics of teeth, additional studies are carried out, other specialists are involved to obtain a complete picture of the disease. This approach allows the doctor to find the most effective, least painful method of treatment for adults and young patients of the clinic.

You do not need to look for where to have a CT scan of teeth in Dnipro, wait for your turn and pay a high price for the procedure. Sign up for a consultation and examination in our dentistry, where you will be examined and advised by the leading specialists of the clinic, you will undergo PSR-diagnostics of the gums, and as a bonus (free of charge) you will have a computed tomography of both jaws.

Price: 3D scan of teeth

Computed tomography700 UAH
Computed tomography
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