Restoration of teeth

Restoration of teeth

In case of partial destruction of a dental crown, dentistry uses different methods to restore its integrity and functionality. With minimal damage, the doctor will fill the tooth. For more serious defects, teeth are restored by building up with photopolymer or using prosthetics.

Restorative dentistry has made it possible to prolong the life of a patient’s natural teeth. Moreover, it helped many people to transform, to feel more confident, since modern restoration allows not only to repair teeth and return them to functionality, but also to take care of aesthetics, that is, to correct defects, to recreate the correct shape of a dental crown using materials that accurately imitate structure and color of dental tissues.

Dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk) carries out prosthetics and dental augmentation using innovative technologies and materials that exist in modern restorative dentistry. Sign up for a consultation and our specialists will help you choose the most effective way to reconstruct a beautiful and healthy smile.

When is tooth restoration required?

Indications for dental restoration:

  • serious destruction with advanced caries;
  • destruction of the dental crown as a result of trauma;
  • destruction of the molar due to uneven chewing load with the loss of one or more teeth, the presence of bite defects;
  • natural defects – a gap between the front teeth, excessively sharp canines, uneven edges, etc.;
  • pigmentation of the enamel – the appearance of unaesthetic spots, the acquisition of a dark shade.

Regardless of the nature of the defect or damage, the very fact of its presence creates physical and psychological discomfort for a person. Thanks to the discovery of new composite materials and technologies, you no longer have to put up with such disadvantages. At Amel Dental Clinic you can correct any aesthetic and functional dental defects.

Tooth restoration methods

In total, restoration dentistry uses two methods of tooth restoration:

  • 1
  • 2

The direct method is to carry out the restoration directly on the damaged area, that is, directly in the patient’s oral cavity. To eliminate flaws, the doctor uses photopolymers to restore a dazzling smile to the patient. A specialist can grow up to 6 teeth at one time. Building up one unit takes from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the nature of the defect.

The indirect method consists of several successive stages, some of which are carried out without the participation of the patient. This includes restoration methods such as inserting inlays, prosthetics with veneers on a dental stump, on posts.

Algorithm for carrying out the restoration in an indirect way:

  • a cast of the jaws;
  • preparation of a dental crown for the installation of a veneer or inlay (treatment, formation of the stump, restoration of the stump at the root of the tooth);
  • fabrication of a structure in a dental laboratory;
  • installation of the structure.

Such restoration requires 2, in rare cases – 3 visits to the dentist.

The most common types of dental restoration:

  • regeneration of tooth enamel;
  • artistic restoration of anterior teeth;
  • restoration of chewing teeth taking into account anatomical shape and morphology.

Enamel restoration

Thinning, abrasion and other mechanical damage to the enamel are present in many patients. Most often, erased enamel is a phenomenon associated with:

  • heredity;
  • transferred diseases;
  • fluoride deficiency;
  • insufficiently thorough and effective hygiene;
  • anatomical features of the structure of the dentoalveolar apparatus;
  • the use of products containing acids that are aggressive for tooth enamel (apples, citrus fruits).

Amel Dental Clinic uses different methods of enamel reconstruction:

  • 1
    Remineralization. Treatment of the tooth surface with a special product containing minerals necessary for enamel restoration (F, Ca).
  • 2
    Fluoridation. The procedure is aimed at compensating for the deficiency of fluoride and strengthening the enamel. It is carried out in a thirty-day course by application of preparations containing fluoride.
  • 3
    Layer-by-layer building. The composite material is applied in layers to the surface of the teeth, after which it polymerizes. This method allows you to eliminate various aesthetic defects, including cracks, spots.
  • 4
    Installation of veneers. Special thin plates made of ceramics or zirconium completely cover the tooth, hiding any flaws, and also help to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth, create protection against caries, aggressive external factors.
  • 5
    Tabs. Used for the destruction of chewing teeth. Often the doctor uses two methods of restoration at once: inlay + veneers.

At the consultation, the doctor examines the patient, determines the nature and degree of damage to the dental tissue and, based on the results of the examination, proposes the best treatment option – to build up the tooth, hide imperfections with veneers or pay attention to strengthening the enamel.

Front teeth restoration

A beautiful open smile disposes of those around him. But if a smile reveals unaesthetic defects, such as dark spots from cavities visible through enamel, a wide gap or a chipped tooth, then the effect may be the opposite.

Depending on the nature of the defect, Amel Dental Clinic carries out different types of restoration of anterior teeth:

  • filling;
  • building up a broken or chipped piece of a tooth;
  • installation of a veneer on a tooth or restoration of the crown part of the tooth on the preserved tooth root.

Stages of a dental restoration:

    • 1
      Examination and preparation of a treatment plan.
    • 2
      Training. Includes professional teeth cleaning, selection of the type and shade of the material for the restoration. During restoration by prosthetics, at this stage, the doctor takes diagnostic impressions.
    • 3
    • 4
      Opening a tooth with cutting tools, cleaning carious cavities, removing old fillings, if necessary, therapeutic, endodontic treatment, preparing tooth surfaces for restoration.
    • 5
      Layer-by-layer build-up or installation of veneer (inlays).
    • 6
      Finishing modeling of the crown part of the tooth (grinding and polishing).

    Dental restoration at Amel Dental Clinic

    Carrying out a restoration at Amel Dental Clinic has many advantages:

    • 1
      this procedure is more cost-effective than prosthetics;
    • 2
      in the absence of complications, it can be performed without anesthesia;
    • 3
      less radical than prosthetics, as it allows you to preserve natural teeth.

    In restorative dentistry, we use the best materials from the leaders among manufacturers of dental products and return a beautiful smile to patients with a guarantee. The final cost of the service is discussed with the doctor based on the results of the examination, diagnosis and treatment plan.

    Restoration of teeth
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