Diagnosis of gum disease (periodontitis)

Diagnosis of gum disease (periodontitis)

One of the most common areas in dentistry is the diagnosis of periodontal disease and its subsequent treatment. In Dnipro, high-quality diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis can be obtained at the Amel Dental Clinic.

Periodontitis is a disease of the supporting apparatus of the teeth, which at the initial stages proceeds without obvious symptoms, however, when neglected, it leads to serious consequences and requires long-term and expensive treatment of the gums in dentistry, in difficult cases using surgical techniques.


The most common method for detecting inflammatory periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis) is the PSR test, which is performed by a dentist when examining a patient. It allows you to determine the degree of damage to the tissues surrounding the tooth (gum, bone, tooth ligament). The PSR test is performed using a periodontal probe, which is marked to measure the depth of exposure of the neck of the tooth and periodontal pocket.

The test takes a few minutes and can be performed during oral hygiene examinations or during dental procedures such as professional dental cleaning, which can be done at the Amel Dental Clinic. The test results are used for the timely detection of the disease, the appointment of treatment and the compilation of a periodontal patient chart.

Periodontal mapping

If a patient is diagnosed with periodontitis, the clinic offers a diagnosis of the disease, part of which is the compilation of a periodontal map. The periodontal chart is a systematic study (probing) of the affected teeth. Also, the depth of gum lesions, movable teeth, gum bleeding points and other symptoms of the disease are entered into the map.

The data from the card is used in the subsequent treatment of the patient, monitoring the results of treatment. Periodontitis passes without pain, so the patient needs to show the development of the disease, which will be visually visible on the map. Amel Dental Clinic draws up a high-quality computerized map that clearly shows the patient the state of the oral cavity.

Sighting X-ray Series

In addition to the periodontal map, an effective tool for diagnosing, treating and preventing periodontal diseases at the Amel Dental Clinic is a series of targeted radiographs.

An X-ray of the oral cavity is a study carried out using a radiovisiograph, which allows you to see the picture of the disease in a separate area of the jaw. During the examination, the patient is exposed to minimal radiation exposure.

The procedure itself takes minimal time and is painless; the patient must sit still for several seconds. The image data instantly gets into the computer, and the attending physician can see the situation in the patient’s oral cavity, the state of certain areas of the jaw or even a particular tooth.

Drawing up a treatment plan depending on the patient’s illness

After a comprehensive diagnosis and determination of the degree of damage to the gums and teeth, the attending physician prescribes treatment.

The treatment plan depends on the patient’s characteristics and should follow these principles:

  • 1
    Complexity of treatment. In cooperation with other doctors, conservative, orthopedic, surgical and orthodontic treatments are carried out aimed at restoring the health and aesthetic appeal of the oral cavity.
  • 2
    Individuality. Treatment depends on the degree of development of periodontitis and the presence of concomitant diseases.
  • 3
    Sequence. Compliance with the stages of health recovery is fundamental.
  • 4
    Consistency. Treatment of the disease is not limited to one appointment with the dentist, repeated visits are required with a diagnosis and possible adjustment of the treatment strategy for the disease.

The main focus of treatment is to remove the negative effects of microbes. For this, the removal of biofilm and hard dental plaque is used, the treatment of the disease with antiseptics or antibiotics, depending on the degree of damage. It is necessary to explain to the patient the importance of observing oral hygiene, since self-prophylaxis is a component of the treatment of periodontitis.

Diagnosis of gum disease (periodontitis)
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