Braces: which are the best to choose?

Anyone looking for a perfect smile has heard of systems to help align teeth and improve bite. If you have any doubts, the pros at Ameldental are ready to dispel them. Braces are worn by children, teenagers and adults alike. Contrary to stereotypes, this is an affordable and painless way, in 1-1.5 years it helps to eliminate aesthetic imperfections and avoid health problems.

During the appointment with the orthodontist, the question arises: how to choose braces? It all depends on your doctor’s advice and personal preference. Someone does not complex and calmly wears ordinary metal, located on the front surface of the teeth. And for someone it is important to make the correction as invisible to others as possible. In such cases, the installation on the dental arch from the inside is chosen so that the braces are not visible.

Types of braces

Ligature. They have a rigid method of fastening: a small elastic band or metal wire is visible on the element. She is responsible for fixing and controlling the pulling force of the arch (the wire that runs along all the teeth). The patient takes longer to get used to this type, he has to visit the doctor more often. Unpleasant sensations may occur when replacing elements. This design is more visible.

Self-ligating. They do not have elastic bands, but there are built-in locks that hold the arc. They do not have a rigid fixation, the pressure on the teeth is reduced, the patients experience less discomfort, and it is easier to care for the oral cavity. The visits to the orthodontist will be less frequent, and the interval between consultations may be around 8-12 weeks, depending on progress. The design is not so noticeable, looks aesthetically pleasing, gives a faster result.

Metallic. The most budgetary option, made of stainless steel or ductile nickel-titanium alloy. Simple, reliable and durable. Of the minuses – they are noticeable, they can cause an allergic reaction. In some situations, they are combined with ceramic: ceramics are installed in the smile area, followed by metal ones.

Ceramic. They are made from a material that matches the color of the tooth enamel, so they are less conspicuous. Due to the matte surface, they do not shine in the sun or in bright light. This is the choice of patients for whom aesthetics are very important. This option will cost a little more than the previous one.

Sapphire. They are not made from precious stones, as one might think, but from monocrystalline sapphire. This is an artificial material that is characterized by transparency and a special shine. Does not stain during meals. If the patient has naturally beautiful white enamel, sapphire elements will emphasize this advantageously.

At the consultation, you can choose for yourself such braces that will completely suit the terms of treatment, price and appearance.

Why do patients choose Amel Dental Clinic?

  • She is the only one in the country to be accredited by The Global Clinic Rating. She was included in the list of the 200 best clinics in the world.
  • An orthodontist with 10 years of practice, who trained abroad, works here.
  • Braces produced in America and Germany, which are offered here, have already helped dozens of people overcome their complexes and find the smile of their dreams.
  • 3D modeling allows you to immediately see how the teeth will look after correction.
  • A preliminary examination allows you to find out about the condition of your teeth and gums, to draw up a consistent treatment plan.

Signing up for a consultation is simple: just call or leave a request on the website to get in touch with you. Trusting specialists, you get a flawless healthy smile, it will definitely not go unnoticed.