Periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis treatment

Gum health and dental health are two interrelated conditions. The gum, consisting of the outer layer (alveolar) and the interdental, is a component of the periodontium – the base that provides the tooth with strong fixation and functionality. Inflammation of the gum tissue can easily spread to the deeper layers of the periodontium and cause damage to dental tissues.

Periodontitis is a gum disease that is a consequence of advanced gingivitis. It develops when bacteria penetrate deep into the periodontal tissues (the tissues that surround and support the tooth). The spread of the inflammatory process leads to the destruction of connective tissue, bone tissue, mobility and loss of teeth. To prevent such consequences will help prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases using modern methods in Amel Dental Clinic, a dental clinic in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk). At the first signs of gum disease, you must make an appointment with a specialist. Our clinic has the latest equipment, uses the most effective modern methods of treatment and diagnosis of gum disease. Even if you think that your teeth and gums are in perfect order, it is recommended that you undergo a preventive examination at the dentist every 3-4 months and regularly do professional cleaning.

Statistics are inexorable: periodontitis leads to tooth loss several times more often than caries.

Periodontitis: causes of the disease

The main reason for periodontitis is poor oral hygiene, lack of timely treatment for gum disease.

Other factors contributing to the development of periodontitis:

  • smoking, addiction to chewing tobacco;
  • excessive consumption of sweets;
  • tartar;
  • an increase in the load on the gums with the loss of chewing teeth;
  • deficiency of vitamins C and group B;
  • bite defects;
  • constant chewing on only one side of the jaw;
  • the predominance of soft foods in the diet;
  • genetic factor.

The sooner inflammation is detected, the more effective the treatment and the lesser the consequences for dental health. Make an appointment for a preventive examination at the Amel Dental Clinic. A highly qualified dentist determines the presence of the disease even in the initial stage and prescribes the necessary treatment.

Periodontitis symptoms

In the dental clinic Amel Dental Clinic, the dentist first of all diagnoses the inflammatory process in order to determine its nature and extent of damage to the periodontal tissues.

For the patient, the following symptoms serve as a signal to urgently contact a specialist:

  • bad breath;
  • swelling, redness, and bleeding of the gums;
  • sensitivity of the periodontal tissues during meals, brushing teeth;
  • the appearance of a pocket between the gum and the tooth;
  • tooth mobility;
  • the appearance of dental plaque;
  • purulent discharge from the space between the tooth and the gum;
  • change in taste.

In some cases, gum disease occurs without severe symptoms, but atrophy of the alveolar processes occurs, exposing the roots of the teeth, which leads to the loss of teeth. In this case, it may be a systemic lesion – chronic generalized periodontitis (in non-professional circles it is called periodontal disease). Only a doctor can identify the disease and make an accurate diagnosis, so it is important to regularly visit the dentist for preventive purposes.

Periodontitis: Treating Gum Disease

The inflammatory process in the periodontal tissues can occur in an acute or chronic form.

Treatment of acute periodontitis at Amel Dental Clinic is carried out in several stages:

  • 1
    Skyling (removal of dental plaque). We use a variety of tartar removal techniques, including laser, ultrasonic and Air-Flow cleaning.
  • 2
    Removal of any defects that can lead to injury to the gums (smoothing the lower edge of the crown, fillings, prosthetics).
  • 3
    Cleaning the subgingival surface of the tooth from mineralized deposits. For this purpose, we use the surgical method (closed curettage) or the removal of deposits on the tooth root using laser curettage. The laser smoothes the surface of the tooth, disinfects the tissues, “seals” the incision sites of the soft tissues, which is why laser surgery is considered bloodless. Laser cleaning is practically painless and not traumatic for tissues.
  • 4
    Strengthening the gums.
  • 5
    Medical therapy aimed at relieving inflammation and fighting infection.
  • 6
    Appointment of self-treatment at home and care recommendations to help avoid relapse.

Treatment of generalized periodontitis (stage of gum atrophy) is a more complicated process. Amel Dental Clinic uses the most effective method of restoring gum tissue today – plasma therapy.

The duration, complexity and cost of periodontitis treatment depend on the condition of the gums and the presence of complications. Do not run diseases of the mouth. Check your teeth and gums regularly with your dentist.

Modern periodontitis treatment at Amel Dental Clinic

In Amel Dental Clinic dentistry, a qualified periodontist will diagnose and select the safest, painless method of treatment. We use advanced techniques and unique equipment that allows for effective prevention, treatment of periodontitis at different stages of the disease in adult patients and children, as well as treatment of advanced periodontitis.

Sign up for a consultation with our specialist. The price of the consultation includes examination by a specialized doctor and diagnosis of gum disease using the PSR method.

Periodontitis treatment
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Has 8 years of practical experience in periodontics. Olga Mikhailovna is an experienced specialist who is constantly working to improve her skills and acquire additional knowledge. She took lectures and practical courses of Ukrainian and foreign lecturers on the conservative and surgical treatment of periodontal tissue diseases, repeatedly attended international congresses on the problems of dental implantation. She regularly attends specialized courses and master classes, masters the latest treatment methods. The result and the improvement of the patient's quality of life are very important for her. She does everything possible so that after treatment a person's attitude towards health changes and the fear of visiting a dentist disappears. Can't imagine the work of a dentist without pedantry and perfectionism. She is always interested in the biological and physiological foundations of the course of diseases and their treatment, the desire to understand the essence helps Olga Mikhailovna to quickly make decisions and organize an individual approach to each patient. She devotes her free time to cycling, amateur ballet classes, and quests.
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10 years of practical experience. One hundred percent quality is important for Svetlana in her work. Scrupulous, responsible. Also, Svetlana is an assistant at the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry, DMA. Teaches dentistry to foreign students in English. Synchronous translator and interpreter of dental congresses of the international level. She studied the basics of surgical dentistry, diagnosis of periodontal tissue diseases, implant hygiene as prevention of peri-implantitis, the use of hyaluronic acid in dentistry.
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Anna has been working in her specialty for over 8 years. Since childhood, she dreamed of being a doctor, so she chose a career in the field of dentistry. In her work, it is very important for her to constantly develop and improve her skills. Therefore, Anna pays a lot of attention to professional development, she took courses in practical periodontology, manual scaling, studied the concept of periodontal admission, the peculiarities of clinical admission of patients with periodontal tissue diseases, the use of a diode laser in periodontal and surgical practice, diagnosis and treatment of peri-implantitis, as well as many other specialized courses. Completed dental practice in New York. Thanks to the knowledge gained, Anna always knows how best to act in a given clinical situation in order to ensure the optimal treatment result. In his free time he is fond of kickboxing.
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