What to do if there is no tooth

Few people immediately rush to implant a new one in its place when a tooth is lost. Usually missing one or two teeth, if they are not front, is not considered a problem. If there are no 3 or more teeth, then treatment is considered expensive, there are always more urgent expenses and treatment is postponed. Is it safe to postpone implantation on the back burner, is the problem serious, how expensive it is to treat or not to treat teeth – more on that below.

Bone. When a tooth is lost, the bone under it ceases to receive a chewing load. The body realizes that the bone is no longer needed and it begins to dissolve – this is called bone resorption. The process is permanent and will end only in 2 cases: the load on the bone appears again (tooth implantation) or the entire cancellous part of the bone disappears. Until the moment when implantation can still be carried out without bone augmentation, there is usually 3-5 years, but this is not the only process that starts with the loss of a tooth.

Teeth. An empty space appears and the body tries to fill it. Than? The other teeth – the tooth on the right and left tend to the side of the void, and the upper one begins to grow into a hole. This creates a space between the teeth in which food debris and bacterial plaque accumulate. They destroy adjacent teeth. So if you lose one tooth, you can lose another 2. And so on.

Appearance. The teeth move and fill the void, shortening the jaw. As a result, the lips sink, and wrinkles form around them – it becomes noticeable 6-18 months after the loss of a tooth. After 3-5 years, the face takes on a characteristic “senile” look.

Solution price. After a tooth has been lost within 6 months, a tooth implantation is recommended. Bridges or removable dentures are cheaper, but they do not solve bone problems and need to be replaced over time, that is, in the end they will be more expensive than implantation.

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