The most popular questions about plasma therapy: our specialists answer

A couple of centuries ago, noble ladies tried to preserve their youth with the help of bloodletting. Today, blood is again used for rejuvenation: the procedure of plasma therapy (injection of enriched plasma of one’s own blood) has become one of the most popular cosmetic techniques. This time, the theory of using blood in cosmetology stands on solid scientific ground and proves its effectiveness with tens of thousands of positive reviews.

Plasma therapy noticeably accelerates skin renewal, stimulates the accelerated recovery of its damaged areas. Since your own biological material is used as a drug, the likelihood of allergies and other adverse reactions is minimal.

The naturalness, safety and effectiveness of enriched plasma injections have provided the procedure with the most positive and reliable reputation in the field of cosmetology and skin rejuvenation.

The specificity of the procedure raises many questions from clients who have not heard of it before. We will answer the most popular ones.

1. Who is plasma therapy suitable for?

For women and men of all ages who would like to make their skin healthier and more beautiful. The injections will quickly relieve the early signs of aging when you are not ready for botox. In winter, they save the skin dried up by heaters from dryness. It is a skin treatment that is safe and fully compatible with your body.

2. Does the procedure fight only with age-related skin changes?

Not. Enriched plasma injections are indicated for a wide range of problems:

  • skin diseases (hyperpigmentation, acne, post-acne, rosacea, etc.);
  • tissue damage (scars, scars, stretch marks);
  • imperfections. For example, skin irregularities, dark circles under the eyes;
  • age-related changes (changes in skin color, ptosis, decreased elasticity and tugor, the appearance of wrinkles);
  • with edema, dryness and other problems.

Plasma therapy is used not only to improve the skin of the face, but also the neck, décolleté and arms, as well as hair with changes in their structure and in the initial stages of baldness.

3. What is the essence of the technique?

A small portion of your blood is placed in a specially designed tube and the centrifugation system is started. As a result, platelet-rich plasma is released.

The tube contains a separating substance, the quality of which determines the efficiency and cost of the procedure.

The task of platelets is to activate the production of new collagen fibers, which trigger a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, self-regeneration and skin rejuvenation with a lasting effect.

4. How is the procedure performed?

In general and complete, the procedure is carried out in 3 stages:

  • 1
    The doctor takes about 60 mg of blood from a vein;
  • 2
    The blood is centrifuged to obtain the desired material;
  • 3
    Enriched plasma is injected intradermally.

The duration depends on the processing area. Typically less than an hour.

5. What course is plasma therapy done?

The course is always assigned separately to each client, taking into account individual characteristics, course goals and the current effect. At the first visit, the doctor determines, for example, how far the aging of the epidermis has gone and, based on this, calculates an individual work schedule. On average, this is 4-6 procedures with an interval of 5 to 30 days.

6. How quickly will the result be visible and how long will it last?

The first results are visible immediately or the next day. The wow effect lasts, on average, about four months. In addition, unlike similar procedures involving plasma, plasma therapy triggers deep, long-term processes of skin rejuvenation and regeneration, having a positive effect on its condition for many years.

7. Do I need to prepare for plasma therapy in advance?

Before the first procedure, a blood test and a conversation with a doctor are prescribed in order to make sure that there are no contraindications. A couple of days before injections, it is worth giving up alcoholic beverages, fried, smoked, sweet and drinking more pure water. This will have a positive effect on the quality of blood and plasma.

8. Do I need to repeat the course of plasma therapy?

It depends entirely on the objectives of the course. If we talk about the prevention of skin aging, then one course per year will be enough for clients after 40 years. Older people should do two courses a year or one course, plus one procedure every 2-3 months to maintain the effect.