Aligners “Invisalign” at Amel Dental Clinic

Dentistry has made major breakthroughs in orthodontic treatment over the past few decades. The constructions that are used to correct occlusion defects today are not only highly efficient, hygienic, but also aesthetic orthodontic systems. It would seem, what other improvements can there be after the invention of almost invisible lingual and sapphire braces! But the dental company Align Technology has created a unique product, the result of many years of research, Invisalign aligners – light transparent elastic aligners, which are much more functional and comfortable compared to plastic removable aligners.

The main stages of treatment with Invisalign aligners:

  • 1
    Diagnostics. It includes an examination by the dentist of the patient’s oral cavity, assessment of the condition of the teeth, gums, mucous tissues. The purpose of the diagnosis is to make sure that the chosen method of bite correction is correct.
  • 2
    Jaw scanning and modeling of the future ortho structure. At this stage, a project of the dentition is created with the correct disposition and shape of the teeth, which is then used to correct the model obtained by scanning.
  • 3
    Production of a 3D model, referral to a dental laboratory, where elastic aligners are already manufactured in compliance with technology and quality standards, with quality control at all stages.
  • 4
    Fitting and installation. The doctor installs the aligners, checks how comfortable and secure they are, if necessary, corrects the aligners on the teeth, gives recommendations for use and hygiene.
  • 5
    Retention treatment. At this stage, retention aligners are made for the patient for passive correction (stabilization) of the dentition.

To obtain the desired result, it is recommended to wear Invisalign aligners 20 hours a day, that is, with breaks for eating and carrying out hygiene procedures. Control visit to the dentist every 2 months to change the design to a new one. The total duration of treatment is individual, depending on the type and severity of the pathology, on average from 3 months to 2 years.

Indications for installing Invisalign aligners:

  • the presence of diastemas, three (gaps between the teeth);
  • crowded teeth;
  • various bite pathologies (open, distal, direct, cross or mesial);
  • improper growth of single teeth;
  • during the retention period.

The main advantages of Invisalign aligners:

  • soft, comfortable correction due to the elasticity of the construction material;
  • the possibility of self-replacement aligners;
  • aesthetics (transparent aligners are almost invisible on the teeth);
  • ease of wearing, no hindrance to chewing, pronunciation;
  • strength and stability of the structure;
  • easy care;
  • no food restrictions.

Before installing Invisalign aligners, you will need to consult an orthodontist dentist. You can get it only from a specialist who is well acquainted with modern technologies for correcting the dentition and applies these technologies in practice. It is these specialists who receive appointments at the Amel Dental Clinic – qualified doctors who have undergone special training, training, who use certified original materials and technologies in their work.

Results of the robots of the orthodontist Amel Dental Clinic Alexei Kitastoy

Amel Dental is a new generation dentistry that uses the most advanced methods of aesthetic occlusion correction. Sign up for a consultation with a specialized doctor, and he will help you choose the most effective and comfortable way to treat any defects in the dentition. We know how to make your smile dazzling!

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