Busting implantation myth

Amel Dental clinic offers its patients a tooth implantation procedure in Dnipro. This method of dental restoration is widespread in dental practice and is offered by doctors as an alternative to installing a prosthesis. In this article, our dentists will dispel the most common implantation myths that arise amid patient concerns.

Implantation is a painful process

This myth stems from the fear of pain that many people associate with visiting the dentist. In fact, the implantation of the implant into the bone tissue does not cause pain, since it does not have pain receptors. During the opening of the gums, the incision is made only after using effective painkillers, the surgeon makes the incision as small as possible, about 1 cm, therefore, after the end of the operation and the action of the anesthetic, there is practically no pain.

There are many contraindications for implantation

The development of dentistry has led to the fact that in 2020 there are very few contraindications for implantation. For example, diabetes mellitus or malignant tumors can undergo implantation until the course of the disease stabilizes, after which surgery becomes possible. In addition, the age limit exists only in the lower limit – the implant is not installed until the age of 18.

Implants are often rejected by the body

In Amel dentistry, only implants made of modern materials are used, which in 99% of cases take root and remain for a long time. At the first time after the operation, a regular visit to the clinic is necessary so that the doctor can control the process of implantation and rehabilitation.

During implantation, you will have to hide a smile for a long time

Yes, it is impossible to restore the attractive appearance of the oral cavity in a few days, however, the dentist can install a temporary prosthesis, which does not differ from natural teeth and will hide the defect until a permanent artificial tooth is installed. This will delay the process, but if the patient is interested in the prompt restoration of aesthetic appeal, this is quite realizable.

Implantation is expensive

In the recent past, the cost of such an operation was indeed high. However, the development of dentistry has made it possible to reduce the cost and in 2020 it is not much higher than the price of a classic metal-ceramic prosthesis. In addition, the service life of the implant is longer than that of a bridge and it does not destroy adjacent, natural teeth, which over time will save on their restoration.

The implantation of the implant will destroy the jaw

An erroneous opinion, since placing an implant in the bone tissue, on the contrary, accelerates the restoration of bone destroyed by periodontitis and stimulates the normalization of blood circulation. The pressure on the bone is also beneficial for its recovery. The only danger is when the implant does not take root and remains in the bone tissue. To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to regularly visit the clinic and monitor the healing process.

The implant will feel like a foreign object and cause discomfort

This misconception is caused by the fact that people do not understand the difference between prosthesis placement and implantation. Indeed, the prosthesis can cause discomfort for a long time. The implant does not cause such a reaction and is perceived as a natural tooth. Discomfort can occur when the implant is rejected, to eliminate which it is necessary to undergo regular examination by the attending physician.

Implantation is a new, untested method

Back in the 70s of the last century, American doctors proved that this method of dental restoration is absolutely safe and effective. Moreover, studies conducted by the World Health Organization claim that 98% of patients with implants are happy with the result.

Denture and implant are no different

In fact, there are differences. Firstly, for the installation of the implant, it is not required to touch the adjacent teeth. Even if the tooth is completely destroyed, implantation allows you to fully restore the tooth. Secondly, the prosthesis can affect the taste sensation, which does not occur when the implant is installed. Thirdly, food can get under the prosthesis, which is excluded in the case of an implant.

In Ukraine, a high-quality implant cannot be installed

The training of dentists in Ukraine is at a high level. Amel Dental clinic employs implantologists with extensive experience in performing such operations and having international diplomas. In addition, the clinic has modern equipment and high-quality materials are used during operations.

As a result, one should not be afraid of implantation – this operation is safe and does not cause severe painful sensations. The implant takes root and serves as a reliable support for the artificial tooth.