Opening the boil of the nose

Opening the boil of the nose

Probably every person has met such an unpleasant phenomenon as a boil. This inflammatory process occurs as a result of bacteria entering the hair root – the hair follicle, therefore, a furuncle of the nose can also appear only in the place where the hair follicles are present.

Small boils are not painful and often go away on their own. However, if such an inflammatory process occurs in a hard-to-reach place, for example, the nasal cavity, then it is impossible to open and heal it on your own and the help of an experienced doctor is required. At Amel Dental Clinic, all doctors have rich experience and will assist the patient.

Nasal boil lancing at Amel Dental Clinic

In the clinic Amel Dental, located in Dnipro, an otorhinolaryngologist is receiving an appointment, who opens the nasal furuncle and other operations related to inflammatory processes of the nasal cavity.

The procedure is not difficult, however, it is not recommended to carry it out on your own due to possible complications. During the initial examination at the Amel Dental Clinic, the doctor asks the patient for possible chronic diseases. This is a strict rule that is not violated in the clinic. In some cases it is necessary to donate blood for analysis, but most often the doctor takes a smear from the discharge from the site of inflammation for examination. This is necessary to identify the bacteria that caused the inflammatory process.

After that, the actual removal of the boil in the nose is performed, consisting of several stages:

  • Anesthesia is performed on the site of the upcoming operation
  • The nasal passage is widened to access the inflamed area
  • The furuncle is opened with a scalpel, its contents are removed and the cavity is cleaned
  • Drainage is installed for subsequent purification of pus
  • A dressing is applied to prevent bacteria from entering the open wound

The removal of the boil carried out at the Amel clinic is painless and safe thanks to the use of modern methods and tools, as well as the professionalism of doctors. This procedure is carried out even for children without any consequences.

The recovery period after the procedure is not long, however, if the state of health deteriorates, then it is necessary to consult the doctor again to identify pathology.

Why, on the eve of the nose, a boil can develop

Most often, the cause of bacteria entering the pores of the nasal cavity is bringing them there with dirty hands. After penetrating into the nasal cavity, bacteria penetrate into the sebaceous glands and begin to develop actively, after which a teal appears in the nose, which grows as bacteria multiply.

The most susceptible to boils are people with the following features:

  • Nasal trauma
  • Being overweight due to malnutrition or disorders in the gastrointestinal tract
  • General decrease in immunity

When examining a patient and determining how to treat a boil in the nose, the doctor identifies the cause of this inflammation focus.

The risk group also includes people who have chronic diabetes, sinusitis, lack of vitamins or hormonal imbalance.

To prevent the occurrence of boils, it is necessary to observe hygiene, monitor the general state of health.

What is the danger of a boil in the nose

With seeming simplicity, inflammation in the nasal cavity can cause complications that lead to serious consequences. This is due to the fact that active blood circulation occurs in the nasal and oral cavities, and if the boil is not treated in time, purulent infections can spread throughout the human body.

The most dangerous in advanced cases can be the penetration of infection into the skull and brain, as well as venous thrombosis. Such complications can be fatal if not taken in time. Therefore, as soon as the symptoms of a boil in the nose appear, it is necessary to immediately take measures to eliminate it.

Another unpleasant consequence of chiria in the nose can be sepsis – the defeat of the body by infectious bacteria, as well as the products of their vital activity. In the case of prolonged refusal to treat a boil in the nose, the infection can cover the entire body and lead to heart failure and other serious consequences.

There are many alternative methods on how to get rid of a nasal boil, however, self-medication can cause complications. Any medications should be used only after consultation with the ENT. Doctors at Amel Dental Clinic strongly recommend that you do not self-medicate. Attempts to open the chirium yourself deep in the nasal cavity can lead to injury, severe bleeding and damage to the nasal septum.

Opening the boil of the nose
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